Yankees Look Like Longshot to Land Holliday

According to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Cardinals made an offer of at least 8-years and $128 million to outfielder Matt Holliday yesterday, a deal that could take the Yankees out of the running for the free agent.

matt-hollidayESPN’s Jerry Crasnick reported today that even with the offer that “nothing is imminent” which is slightly vague. He also added that Holliday and his agent, “are still looking for something that they’re not finding,” which is even more vague.

What you can guess from this deal is that it’s going to be very hard to walk away from for Holliday. An eight year contract will pay him until he is 37-years-old. What’s likely going to happen here is that Boras will negotiate some clauses into the deal, maybe some options years, but certainly this will not go down. If anything it’ll finish closer to $17 million per season than the $16 million on the table now.

It’s also very hard imagine that the Yankees would be willing to go so far as to offer eight years for Holliday. At this point the only way to talk him back away from that, since he’s already received an eight year offer, is to offer more money per years which is even harder to see the Yankees doing. It’s possible that they could do something like offer 5-years and $100 million, but that would blow their budget out of the water and leave very little space to add somebody like Ben Sheets.

Realistically speaking this probably means the Yankees are not getting Holliday. It is possible, but very unlikely, that Boras rejects the deal hoping to hold out for more money and misreads the deal. Don’t hold your breath for that one because as far as offers go this is a very good one and all the Cardinals would have to do is keep it on the table long enough and they’ll probably come around.

Perhaps the Yankees only chance at this point is if Holliday’s secret desire is to become a Yankee and Boras offers them the old Carlos Beltran where at the last minute he offers the Yankees a similar deal. As far as the chances of that happening go, that is a longshot.

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One Response to Yankees Look Like Longshot to Land Holliday

  1. Holliday is a heck of a player Rob, but I too think that committing that much money presents a problem for the Yanks regarding financial flexibility. They have a lot to consider in the future, including Jeter, Mariano, possible acquisitions after 2010 such as Lee and Crawford, and later Posada. I love Holliday's bat, and he drives the ball to all fields. But I question how well he would play LCF, and the Yankees already have long-term commitments for what is already a championship team.

    If the Yanks had the kind of needs now that they had after 2008, I'd say yes. Thankfully, they don't.

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