Yearly Archives: 2010

For a non-baseball fan, it seems ridiculous that a bunch of men holding a wooden stick can make millions of dollars for hitting a piece of leather stuffed with yarn. For a baseball fan, on the other hand, it’s all relative. If Alex Rodriguez makes $32 million, that’s fine; but […]

The Catch-22 Of Baseball

Brian Cashman and the entire Yankees organization are still hiding under the covers. It’s been a rough offseason for New York; not necessarily because they missed out on talent, but because the organization was continually embarrassed. It started, of course, with Cliff Lee. After we were led to believe that […]

One Last Chance

The Holidays have kept us busier than usual this year. We’ll be back posting our usual Yankeerific news, rumors, and analysis shortly, but for now we’re still sleeping it off. If any big news occurs (like hopefully Andy Pettitte will announce his return) it will be posted here, but realistically […]

We’ll Be Back Shortly