2010 Player Previews: Jorge Posada

2009: Last season quickly became a year of first for Jorge Posada as he hit the first regular season homerun at the new Yankee Stadium on April 16th and the first walk off home run at Yankee Stadium in a 9-inning game on May 1st.

The rest of May did not go as well for Posada as he fought injuries and was placed on the DL on May 5th. As a result of his injury Posada only had three more at bats in the first half of the season compared to the second half (193/190). His numbers where eerily similar pre and post allstar game with 11 HR 40 RBI and a .285 AVG in the first half, and 11 HR 41 RBI and a .284 AVG in the second half. Despite his injuries Posada was still able to put together a solid regular season and capped it off with 2 HR 8 RBI and a .260 AVG in the postseason and his 5th ring with the Yankees.

  • 2009 Regular Season Totals: 55 Runs 109 Hits 22 HR 81 RBI .285 AVG .363 OBP

2010: This season Posada will be turning 39 and may be going into his last season as Yankee catcher (numerous analyst expect Posada to be moved to fulltime DH after this season). Posada has never been a superb defensive catcher, but must work on stabilizing his defensive lapses as he is now getting older.

Another concern fans and the Yankee brass both have is Posada’s health. With Jose Molina no longer a Yankee, that leaves fan favorite, but extremely inexperienced, Francisco Cervelli as the “fulltime” back-up catcher. Posada must be capable to play as much as he did in 2007 (144 GP). It will also be essenstial for Posada to strengthen the relationships with all his SP’ers prior to opening day. Offensively Posada has been one of the most consistent offensive catchers in the game since he first became a starter in 1998 and expectations for this season are no different. He wont be an All Star starter because of some guy named Joe Mauer, but look for Posada to battle for his 6th allstar game appearence this season.

  • 2010 Regular Season Prediction: 74 Runs 135 Hits 28 HR 96 RBI .282 AVG .352 OBP
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One Response to 2010 Player Previews: Jorge Posada

  1. Mike S. says:

    2010 Regular Season Prediction: 74 Runs 135 Hits 28 HR 96 RBI .282 AVG .352 OBP

    I find that way too optimistic. I have repeatedly stated that I think Posada's 2010 is the key to the Yankees season. Catchers who are 38 (Posada will be 39 in August) are usually backups or retired. The only catcher that I can recall putting up good numbers in his late 30's as Posada is doing is Carlton Fisk.

    Taking Posada's age into account, I definitely cannot see 28 HR and 96 RBI. He is coming off .285-22-81.

    So I will give him what he put up in 1998— .268-17-63. The OPS+ drops from 133 of last year to about the 115 he put up in 1998. Not bad, but I am factoring in the inevitable decline.

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