2010 Yankees Destined for 114 Wins?

The 1998 Yankees were the team nobody can forget as they¬†finished the season at 114-48 and an 11-2 playoff record resulting in the organization’s 24th world championship. Looking back at that team one may notice some similarities to the team the Yankees will put on the field in 2010. The 1998 batting and pitching rotation went as follows.

-(C) Jorge Posada
-(1B) Tino Martinez
-(2B) Chuck Knoblauch
-(SS) Derek Jeter
-(3B) Scott Brosius
-(LF) Chad Curtis
-(CF) Bernie Williams
-(RF) Paul O’Neill
-(DH) Darryl Strawberry

-(SP) Andy Pettitte
-(SP) David Wells
-(SP) David Cone
-(SP) Hideki Irabu
-(SP) Orlando Hernandez

-(RP) Ramiro Mendoza
-(RP) Mike Stanton
-(RP) Jeff Nelson
-(RP) Graeme Llyod
-(CL) Mariano Rivera

Now the 2010 team as projected:
-(C) Jorge Posada
-(1B) Mark Teixeira
-(2B) Robinson Cano
-(SS) Derek Jeter
-(3B) Alex Rodriquez
-(LF) Brett Gardner
-(CF) Curtis Granderson
-(RF) Nick Swisher
-(DH) Nick Johnson

-(SP) CC Sabathia
-(SP) A.J. Burnett
-(SP) Javier Vazquez
-(SP) Andy Pettitte
-(SP) Joba Chamberlain

-(RP) Phil Hughes
-(RP) Damaso Marte
-(RP) David Robertson
-(RP) Alfredo Aceves
-(CL) Mariano Rivera

When looking at the 1998 batters the only form of weakness came in the form of two guys with a sub-.250 batting average, Chad Curtis and Darryl Strawberry. Compare that to the 2010 team the same could be said when looking at Gardner and Swisher. The pitching also gives fans a reason to be excited with four solid pitchers and one question on the 2010 team which mirrors the pitching staff in 1998, even though Hideki Irabu ended up being a pleasant surprise on that team.

The major difference with these two clubs is the competition factor. In 1998 only the Yankees and Red Sox had more than 90 wins, yes as amazing as it may seem the other playoff teams from the AL that season had 89 and 88 wins (Boston had 92). The 2010 Yankees go into this season with big competition from the Red Sox and, a team I feel will make a lot of noise, the Seattle Mariners. Personally I don’t even know is 110+ wins is even possible anymore, but I definitely can at least see the 2010 Yankees matching the ’09 team who had 103 wins.

I correctly guessed the Yankees 103-59 record last season for this year I am going to go with 108-54 we will see if I stand my ground on that come April 4th. What is everyone else’s take on what the Yankees final record will be in 2010?

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6 Responses to 2010 Yankees Destined for 114 Wins?

  1. Harold Goldman says:

    I am going to say 103-59 because it worked so well this year lol. Now that Melky is gone maybe its going to be a llitle less idk.

  2. Harold Goldman says:

    true lol

  3. Stephen Crociata says:

    Yea i can understand since Melky had 3 game winners but it seems every year its someone new coming through for the club. But hey ill take 97-65 as long as we get #28.

  4. Brandon says:

    Stephen! Glad you accepted the offer, I asked Rob to make the offer for you! Good luck man and thanks for the work you did for me! I’ll make sure to read along and I hope you do the same.

    As for the actual post I’m going with 104 wins

  5. Jose Martinez says:

    I really hate making predictions, but imma make an exception … 105-57. I think that with the championship in hand some of our players will have a better time around the second time, e.g., Burnett, Vazquez being the #4, Granderson not having to be the man.

    I really hope my ‘prediction’ doesn’t come back to bite us.

  6. I'd seriously take 88 wins as long as they make the playoffs and everyone is healthy by October.

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