Álex Rodríguez Set for a "Down" Season?

Ever since Álex Rodríguez was traded to the Yankees his every move has been magnified. When he has a slump everyone looks for a who, what, where, when, and why? He is also the only player in the MLB who has to hit 40 HR in a season or else it is considered a bad season, and since coming to the Yankees he has had “bad” seasons in the even years and “good” seasons in the odd years (he won MVP with the Yanks in ’05 and ’07).

His season averages in odd and even seasons are as follows:
Odd= 148 GP 168 Hits 44 HR 129 RBI 20 SB .307 AVG 11 Errors
Even= 149 GP 164 Hits 35 HR 110 RBI 20 SB .293 AVG 16 Errors

So it is clear that the differences are not huge but they are there, and I still don’t understand where those even seasons are “bad” I don’t care who it is I will take that production every season from A-Rod. It will be interesting to see how his production changes without protection from Hideki Matsui and without Johnny Damon getting on base in the two hole.

My 2010 Álex Rodríguez Projection: 152 GP 176 Hits 38 HR 116 RBI 16 SB .304 AVG 15 Errors

What is everyone elses outlook on A-Rod’s 2010 season?

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4 Responses to Álex Rodríguez Set for a "Down" Season?

  1. She-Fan says:

    Oh, God. I forgot about A-Rod’s odd/even splits. Can we convince him it’s really 2011?

  2. Stephen Crociata says:

    After his playoff performance last season anything is possible lol.

  3. Tom says:

    madd funny how u wrote this and ill say hes gonna be right in that range but a lil worse

  4. Mike says:

    Having on base machine, Nick Johnson in the 2-Hole should ease the loss of Damon being someone who can aid in A-Rod’s production. Also, Greanderson will hit lower in the Yankee lineup then he did in Detroit providing the same protection that Matsui did last year.

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