An Open Letter to Hall Of Fame Voters

Dear Voters:


Today you elected Andre Dawson into the Hall of Fame. Andrew Dawson, he of the career .806 OPS and 119 OPS+. Those are fine numbers; those are not even close to Hall of Fame numbers.

Let me explain to you how terrible this decision was:

Todd Zeile received zero votes. Todd Zeile’s OPS is .769. Todd Zeile’s OPS+ is 103.

Ray Lankford received votes. Ray Lankford’s OPS is .840. Ray Lankford’s OPS+ is 122.

Yes ladies and gentleman, one could actually statistically argue that Ray Lankford was a superior baseball player than Andre Dawson.

In fact, of all the players on this year’s ballot, Andre Dawson’s OPS+ was 15th out of 19!


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3 Responses to An Open Letter to Hall Of Fame Voters

  1. His OPS was lower because he didn't walk a ton, but behinds that he was a very strong player for quite some time. He had 7 seasons of OPS+ of at least 130 or more. Lankford had 3 seasons of 130 or more. I don't think it's a fair comparison.

  2. Don't forget, Dawson won a MVP award and was runner up twice.

  3. I’m not saying I agree with selecting Dawson, but it’s not right of you to just point out one statistic to compare those players. Lankford and Zeile didn’t have 400 homers or 1,500 RBIs. Dawson also had eight All-Star selections and eight Gold Gloves. OPS+ does not factor those credentials in, but the Hall of Fame voters do.

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