Arod Dating Madonna…Again

I’m not even sure why I’m doing this, but it seems like with Kate Hudson out of the picture, Madonna and Alex Rodriguez are once again a couple according to Chris White of Now magazine.

Several US sources who’ve spoken to  have confirmed that Madonna and New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez, 34, have always maintained close contact, especially since his split with Kate, 30, last month.

He’s even been bragging to pals about his ‘special bond’ with Madonna.

‘It’s an open secret around anyone who knows Alex and Madonna that they’re still sweet on each other,’ says Now’s source.

‘He’s infatuated with her – always has been.’

The 51-year-old queen of pop has branded 22-year-old Brazilian model Jesus ‘clingy and boring’. She has a history with A-Rod – she turned to him after her marriage to Guy Ritchie, 41, fell apart.

Kate Hudson was reported to have given A-Rod his marching orders because ‘his heart belongs to Madonna’, even though the singer has never admitted to being involved in a relationship with him.

This is partly because he was going through a messy divorce with Cynthia Rodriguez for much of 2008.

‘Alex was worried about the damage a romance with Madonna would do to his reputation,’ says our source.

‘She obviously didn’t want the attention either, first and foremost because of her split with Guy. But another part of it was the thrill she got from sneaking Alex in and out of her New York apartment.’

The magazine is making it sound like the only reason he dated Kate Hudson in the first place was only for public relations. He was reportedly dating Madonna right up to the point where he was outed for steroids. Then all of a sudden he was seen all over spring training with his ex-wife. It seemed phony to me at the time and after reading this I’m sure it was.

Alex Rodriguez is one hell of a ball player, but he’s never going to win any popularity contests. Probably why he’s dating a 51 year-old woman with kids.

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