Braves and Tigers May Be In On Damon

It’s the middle of January, but the market for Johnny Damon could be starting to shape up which is bad news for the Yankees. We’ve heard two rumors concerning Damon today. One has the Braves interested in him and the other has the Tigers possibly interested in him.

According to David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Braves are still interested in acquiring Damon even after denying that they had offered him a contract last week. Now today, according to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, we hear that the Detroit Tigers could be interested in him as well.

The Braves situation in interesting because there could be a real offer coming eventually. How much that offer is will be another thing because the Braves don’t have a ton of money to spend and if it is low enough it could entice the Yankees to match an offer.

The possibility of the Tigers being interested is confusing. I was under the impression that the reason they traded Curtis Granderson to the Yankees was in an effort to cut salary. Signing Damon seems to be the opposite of that. That bit and the fact that this rumor comes from Heyman, a notorious friend of Damon’s agent Scott Boras, makes me think that Boras is still fishing for an offer from the Yankees.

What do you think? Could Boras still be hoping for a Yankee offer?

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2 Responses to Braves and Tigers May Be In On Damon

  1. Jose Martinez says:

    Not sure why this would be bad news for the Yankees? If the Yankees would've wanted Damon he'd already be signed.

  2. It isn’t working that way this time. The Yankees probably want Damon, but on their terms. Damon isn’t some 28-year-old the Yankees are trying to woo. He’s a declining guy who isn’t the same in the outfield, but has a good enough bat that the Yankees would probably take him at $4-$5 million on a one year deal. That won’t happen with Scott Boras unless there are no other options.

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