Cardinals Checking in on Wang

According to Rob Rains of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, the Cardinals have exercised their “due diligence” and have checked into the condition of Chien-Ming Wang‘s elbow.

It’s hard to gauge from that statement just how interested the Cardinals are, but since we’ve already heard that they have an interest in him this winter we have to assume that this could be serious. Although with Wang coming back in May at the earliest there doesn’t seem to be any threat that this will or could go down quickly.

I’ve written before that the Cardinals make sense for Wang as their pitching coach, Dave Duncan, specializes in sinkerballers. The Yankees have made it known that they are willing to match any offer made to him though so it is hard to say if the Cardinals would be willing to get into a bidding war with them. Although the term “war” may be a bit overblown.

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