Cashman: Do They Think I'm Stupid?

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman dropped that gem on us this afternoon when discussing his dealings with the agents for outfielders on the market.

“How long it’s taking certain people to wake up and smell the coffee, that’s what surprises me,” Cashman said. “When you get on the phone with agents, they tell you one thing, and certain agents can’t honestly believe what they’re trying to convey. Do they think I’m stupid?”

I think this quote gets to the heart of why the Yankees haven’t moved quickly on the market since trading for Javier Vazquez. More specifically though, this quote is likely directed at Scott Boras. Over the past two days we’ve heard his mouth piece, Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, say that it is unlikely that Damon will sign with the Yankees at a discounted rate and that he’s more likely to sign with the Braves or Tigers.

What a crock of shit that is. I can hardly believe that Heyman could be talked into writing that let along Boras saying it. Rather than rehash, again, why the Tigers and the Braves aren’t going to sign Damon I’ll just provide this link.

I’m glad Cashman is throwing it down like this though. At this point it isn’t a secret that the Yankees do want Damon back, but it isn’t a secret either that they are not going to come close to the 7-figure salary that Damon and Boras want. The Yankees do have to move on at some point though and with only 25 days left until pitchers and catchers report it’s better to do it sooner rather than later.

Speaking of the Yankees moving on, when speaking with Jennings, Cashman said that they have “had no discussions on Jermaine Dye” and is “not on Jim Edmonds at all.” So that is a big black line through each of their names. That leaves the short list of outfielders for the Yankees to sign if Damon doesn’t sign at Reed Johnson, Xavier Nady, and Randy Winn. There are certainly other possibilities out there though, they are not limited to those three names.

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5 Responses to Cashman: Do They Think I'm Stupid?

  1. theboogiedown says:

    Your posts are coming so fast and furious maybe it's time that, in addition to your date stamp on each post you throw in the time as well. Keep up the great stuff, ANY true fan would be thrilled with the filtering and presentation you guys provide!

  2. This is definitely my favorite headline out of all the ones I’ve written. All the credit goes to Cashman though. He came up with it, not me.

  3. Brian Burkhart says:

    Wait though: I’m pretty sure that “Boras Mystery Team” has an offer to Damon for 3 years and $36 million.

    Seriously though, if the Yankees off Damon $4-5 million base with a few incentives, who tops that?

  4. Rob from Zell's says:

    You know, if the Yankees were talking to Dye or Edmonds, I would email bomb them to resign Damon.

  5. She-Fan says:

    I loved that line of Cashman's today. He's sounding very tough, but I still think he and Boras will work out a deal for Damon. Hope hope.

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