Have the Yankees Actually Signed Rocco Baldelli?

Earlier today, Mike Axisa at River Ave. Blues noticed that Rocco Baldelli’s Facebook page said that he had signed a deal with the Yankees. This news had come on the heels of Pete Caldera’s report that both Baldelli and the Yankees have mutual interest, which added some credibility to what the Facebook page was reporting. The rumor was quickly shot down thanks to Chad Jennings and Brian Cashman, but this reminds me of a similar situation from when I first started blogging.

Back in 2007, I found a report that the Yankees allegedly signed first baseman Erubial Durazo to a minor league deal on a Spanish website and posted about it. Other bloggers took notice and began linking to the post. At that point, I had already left to meet with some players at PNC Field for Pinstripes Plus, but when I got home I learned that Peter Abraham and Cashman debunked the rumor. I felt like an idiot for ten days, until the Yankees officially signed Durazo.

So, with the Yankees needing a platoon option for left field, the reports of Baldelli’s interest in joining the Yanks and the Facebook page’s post, I’m inclined to believe that there is more than meets the eye here, despite what Cashman says. I’m sure we’ll know in coming days, and the Yankees have no real reason to lie about a minor signing like this – but you never really know.

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6 Responses to Have the Yankees Actually Signed Rocco Baldelli?

  1. Brandon says:

    I get where you are going with this, but this is a fan facebook page, not a website related to the players actual team. If the official facebook page of the Yankees said it, that's different. Plus when they say "mutual agreement" do they actually mean "mutual interest?" It might just be a typo or something, but the validity of the post is different than that of the Durazo signing. They didn't sign Baldelli yet it looks like, but if it does happen in the forseeable future I still think the facebook page didn't know it was going to happen and was just guessing

  2. Brandon says:

    Yeah, it was definitely worth mentioning, that page just doesn't have the real kinda feel to it. Never could be sure, though

  3. Dan LaTorraca says:

    Oh I completely agree with you. I doubt a facebook fan page has any credibility at all, but the three semi-famous friends I have who have a page like that are responsible for the posts. Granted, two of them are UFC fighters and one of them is a MLB Mascot, but they do report some news from their Facebook fan pages.

    I’m pretty sure its fake, but you never know. I felt that it was worth writing about because of the similarities in both situations.

  4. She-Fan says:

    I never believe anything Cashman says. He’s very cagey. (Witness “Enrique Wilson is your third baseman. Oh, wait. We signed A-Rod.”) If he says there’s no deal with Baldelli, maybe that means there is. Who knows.

  5. First thing I thought of as well. Cash always says it isn't true for things like that, just because he often doesn't want to jump the gun.

  6. Chris says:

    I agree. Cashman is a great GM but you can never trust what he says. I bet Baldelli has already been fit for his Yankee uniform.

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