I'm Going to Miss David Cone, Again

David Cone was always one of my favorite pitchers. I loved his style, his flair, and his attitude as he picked apart opposing lineups with his nasty slider and many arm angles.

When he left the Yankees it was with mixed emotions. His time was clearly past, but I would never forget all the glory he brought with him to the Bronx. Today it is quite different, as he showed in 2009 when it comes to TV Cone is still very much in his prime.

His humor and level-headedness are refreshing after years of listening to Michael Kay, Suzyan Waldman, and John Sterling and he displays an ability to include stats into his analysis the way few ex-ball players can. But today, according to Bob Klapisch of the Bergin Record, we find out that Cone’s days with the YES Network are at an end and I have to say goodbye all over again.

From Klapisch:

Say YES. It appears Cone’s short but brilliant run in the YES broadcast booth may be over. Sources say Cone is out after a heated disagreement with network executives.

A spokesman confirmed via e-mail: “David’s contract is up. We’d love to have him back, but he’s in the process of evaluating his various options. … He may not be back based on what he decides.”

Cone’s skill and confidence grew appreciably in the past year. Like former-Met teammate Ron Darling, he had a graceful way of explaining baseball to casual fans, but also was immersed in cutting edge sabermetrics.

Michael Kay said, “I’d come into the booth five hours before a game and Coney would already be there, buried in the computer, looking up stats. He took it very seriously.”

I will miss him and I just hope that the YES Network can replace him with somebody nearly as talented as him. I will especially miss when he and Paul O’Neill gang up with each other to make fun of Kay. Hopefully YES will come to their senses sometime down the road.

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2 Responses to I'm Going to Miss David Cone, Again

  1. pepepopo says:

    This is too bad. I really liked David Cone and will greatly miss him in the booth.

  2. I was a batboy from 98 to 05 an threw with david cones perfect game in the third inning a great man and a mans man. He should be given the oppurtunity to broadcast one more time. He's funny and creative the same way that I witness him pitch up close for years.

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