No Yankee Stadium Winter Classic in 2011

According to Andrew Gross of the Bergin Record, the Yankees will not be hosting the 2011 NHL Winter Classic at Yankee Stadium because of scheduled bowl games between Christmas and New Year’s day.

From the Bergin Record:

In September, the Yankees announced a new college football bowl to be played between Christmas and New Year’s Day. But there was a slim hope that until a television deal was reached, the game could be moved for one year to allow Yankee Stadium to host the annual outdoor NHL game.

But two industry sources said Wednesday that ESPN soon will announce a deal to televise the bowl game, with one source pinpointing the game would be played Dec. 30 with a 2 p.m. kickoff.

“The Yankees are still telling people it can happen but the NHL knows it can’t happen,” one source said.

I’m not sure why the Yankees would rather have a college football game at the stadium, something that could happen at any time down the road, than a NHL game while they have the chance especially considering New York is not really a big college football town. If they keep putting it off the NHL is just going to go with Citi Field instead.

For that we go back to the Bergin Record:

However, that source indicated there still was interest on the part of the NHL and NBC to have the game in New York.

Citi Field, the Mets’ new stadium, is the only other site that will be considered. The NHL is wary of placing the game in a football stadium and conflicting with the NFL schedule, eliminating the consideration of the new Meadowlands stadium even though New Jersey officials are pushing to have the game there.

This seems like a very unique opportunity for the Yankees to do something very cool in their new stadium. I just don’t understand why they would pass it up. If they don’t change their tune and go full bore after this for 2012 and stop playing around with college football it sounds like this may never happen.

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