Olney: Yankees Not In On Aroldis Chapman

According to Buster Olney of ESPN, the Yankees are no longer interested in Aroldis Chapman. Olney also tweeted that he expects the cost to go up to $20 million and some are thinking Chapman is only a reliever.

Olney also said that the Mets are out and Clark Spencer of The Miami Herald also said that the Marlins are no longer interested. Brian McTaggart of MLB.com is also counting out the Houston Astros.

Yesterday the big news was that Juan C. Rodriguez of the Sun Sentinel reported that Chapman expected to sign within three or four days.

It’s not uncommon for Cashman to work quietly, but it doesn’t seem like the Yankees were ever big on Chapman this offseason. The Yankees senior vice-president of baseball operations Mark Newman said that he’s “this winter’s most intriguing available player,” but that’s about as far as it went.

The question here is, are the Yankees one of the teams that view Chapman as a reliever. If that is the case it is very doubtful that they’ll end up signing him. If they think he has starter potential they could use Chapman to replenish their farm system after dealing Arodys Vizcaino to the Braves.

What do you think? Are the Yankees making a mistake not offering him a contract?

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2 Responses to Olney: Yankees Not In On Aroldis Chapman

  1. LayerCake says:

    The NYY should absolutely sign Aroldis Chapman, an intriguing character… An athlete with the appearance of substantial physical strength & a player who pitches flames w. significant speed & movement. Altho control is sure to be an issue, once dispatched to AAA/Tampa, for the spring summer months, and put beneath the fine tutelage available within that organization, Chapman could be equipped to contribute by late summer or early autumn. Because of his success south of the border [not a sure thing for all players, as witnessed by Andy Morales], & bc of the many successes of those before, [most notable, Orlando, and of c. Contreras, altho outside of NY as we kno], I believe this kid is well-worth a $20M Max shot; a minimal sum to spend for the NYY. Altho it’s just a gut instinct, once his mechanics are refined, I believe this kid to be a sound bet for great performance, & I just can’t help being reminded of Orlando here…

  2. lombardis pizza says:

    Big mistake by Yanks. This kid is the real deal. Cashman doesn’t seem interested in any players who will be stars two or three years down the line. Buying free agents is easier. Not exactly hard to write checks for A-Rod or Texeira. iwant to develop the next Bernie Williams, Jeter, Rivera… really short-sided planning. He goes to the Angels. Hispanic area, warm weather, a winner, fan support, and he’s good friends with fellow Cuban defector Morales.

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