Teixeira, Jeter Rank Atop 2009 OPD Leaders

Baseball Think Factory recently published the 2009 edition of the American League OPD leaders. OPD is a statistic used to rank the best players in baseball based on both offense and defense. Joe Mauer led the AL for the second straight year, with Mark Teixeira coming in third and Derek Jeter in fourth.

Despite missing a large chunk of the season, Alex Rodriguez was still in the top 20. Interestingly, Brett Gardner was ranked way ahead of Melky Cabrera. Francisco Cervelli, Eric Hinske and Jerry Hairston were also rated above the Melk-Man. Looks like Cashman traded the right guy. You can check out the 2009 spreadsheet here.

I wonder if using OPD would be a more accurate tool for determining the MVP than relying upon sportswriters?

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