Yankees Bullpen: Lefties should be all right

Last season the Yankees only had one lefty pitcher who had over 14IP and that was Phil Coke with 60. Coke had 60IP with a 4.50 ERA, Damaso Marte had 13.1IP with a 9.45 ERA, Michael Dunn had 4IP with a 6.75 ERA, and Nick Swisher had 1IP with a 0.00 ERA; so obviously last season wasn’t a great showing for the Yankee lefties.

They were still able to capture World Series number 27 with a great showing by Marte who had 4IP with a 0.00 ERA, 5 Ks, and no walks in the postseason. Yet even though the Yankees were able to battle through the problems they had with lefties in the bullpen last season many fans are still concerned about what they will be putting on the field this season.

Marte is a practical lock to be the Yankees number one lefty in the bullpen unless he gets injured or is a disaster in Spring Training. Even with Damaso’s 9.45 ERA last season he pitched to an average of .120 against lefties which is where he is most important.

That leaves Boone Logan and Royce Ring to battle it out for the other lefty spot in the ‘pen. Ring did not pitch in the MLB last season and has never reached the potential the Mets had for him when they acquired him over five years ago; while Logan has pitched in each of the last four seasons he also has never reached full potential. Hopefully with the help of Dave Eiland both guys can get it together, but my guess would be Logan gets the spot because he has much more control than Ring. Granted the Yankees lefties will have step up and improve on their struggles of last season, but the Yankees do have alternate options if they are unable to get the big outs during the season.

My answer to Yankees Fans concerns about lefties in the bullpen: David Robertson. Robertson was a stud for the Yankees last season pitching to a 3.30 ERA over 43.2IP, but what was more impressive was his stats against lefties. Robertson totaled 19.1IP against lefties and had 30 SOs, while the batting average against Robertson was only .189!

My guess is that Robertson will be the number three reliever this season behind Rivera and whoever gets put in the bullpen between Chamberlain and Hughes, but I’d also put my money on him being the most effective reliever whose name is not Mariano┬áRivera. Overall the lefties may be a slight issue but with the help of some of the righties suchas Robertson everything should be all right on our path to 28.

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