Yankees Could Lose Hairston to Mets

It’s not even funny how many problems the Mets have and lately they’ve been having another. Carlos Beltran just recently underwent arthroscopic surgery on the same knee that kept him out for large parts of the 2009 season. There is an issue because the Mets are saying that he underwent the without permission and Beltran and his agent Scott Boras say differently.

To make a long story short you can read Joel Sherman’s account of everything at the NY Post. There is something that you need to know, Beltran just had surgery and it’s going to take him anywhere from 8-12 weeks for him to recover. So the Mets are going to need someone to play center field and considering Jose Reyes is also recovering from surgery they could use someone who plays shortstop as well.

Which is why, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Mets have gotten in touch with Jerry Hairston Jr. He is the only free agent left on the market that can play both positions.

This is bad news for the Yankees because the Mets need to be aggressive in this situation and are likely to offer him more money. We’ve already heard the Yankees don’t want to spend more than $2 million on an outfielder and really don’t want to go beyond one-year. Hairston probably wants to win, but money talks and Mets are likely to offer more money and possibly even multiple years.

This Beltran news is bad news for Yankee fans who want to see Hairston come back.

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4 Responses to Yankees Could Lose Hairston to Mets

  1. She-Fan says:

    I was just watching MLB Network and Jon Heymann said Dr. Altchek, the Mets doctor, was aware of Beltran's surgery and said he would tell the Mets about it. So what we have here is a failure to communicate! If the Mets are smart, they'll rally around their star CF-er and stop the carping.

  2. Brian Burkhart says:

    Hairston could make more sense for the Mets than the Yankees. Ramiro Pena doesn't have Hairston's experience, especially hitting and in the OF, but is cheaper and a better infielder. Plus Pena is a more competent backup at SS. Sure, he can't really man CF like Hairston could, but the Yankees already have Gardner and Granderson.

  3. Rob Abruzzese says:

    Well if they were looking at Hairston as a backup outfielder, which I feel like they were, I’d rather they didn’t get him anyways. Hopefully they can still get Reed Johnson. He really does seem like a good fit.

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