Yankees Miss Out, Eric Hinske Sings with Atlanta

According to Scott Miller of CBS Sports, the Atlanta Braves have signed a one-year deal with outfielder Eric Hinske pending a physical.

It seems like the Yankees have let him go without putting up too much of a fight to keep him which is a shame.No he’s not the best hitter and the Yankees probably can make do without him, as they managed during the ALCS, but he is a veteran with pop in his bat and doesn’t complain about not playing everyday.

Going into last season, the Yankees bench was certainly one of their weaknesses. They did have some depth by having both Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher, but once Nady went down with an injury it became an even bigger issue.

Now, with Hinske signing with Atlanta there does seem to be a lack of power coming off the bench. It could be that the Yankees expect Juan Miranda to play a large role off the bench or they could have something different up their sleeve. They wanted Mark DeRosa, but his price was too high. Once he signed though I thought it was possible that the Yankees would be in touch with Hinske. It didn’t work out that way.

Can you think of some good bench pieces? Keep your responses realistic, if a guy can get a starting job somewhere else, he is not going to take a bench role with the Yankees. And don’t say Nomar.

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3 Responses to Yankees Miss Out, Eric Hinske Sings with Atlanta

  1. Steve B. says:

    Jerry Hairston should be the guy the Yankees sign…good defense at 2B-SS-3B-LF-CF-RF. Plus he's a veteran who doesn't mind not playing every day, AND he helped greatly in winning championship #27….having him and Ramiro Pena give the Yanks great flexibility.

    Then go get Reed Johnson to be the RH caddy for Gardner. Plus he can play LF-CF-RF, giving more roster flexibility…as well , the defense improves with these two small roster moves.

  2. I don't think that's a terrible idea, but I don't see the Yankees going along with that. Maybe I'm wrong. I'd sign up for it though.

  3. Mac says:

    So who’s left?

    Johnny Damon on a lesser contract, using the Beltre contract as a model? Makes sense to me.

    Maybe a $7 Million dollar contract with a $7 Million Dollar player option (next season) with a $3 Million buyout?

    Damon nets a guarenteed $ 10 Million for one year, and we worry about next year … next year!

    So how about it Brian Cashman?

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