Yankees Sign Randy Winn…So Long Johnny

The Johnny Damon drama is now over. At 3:53P.M. it was reported on ESPN the Yankees have come to an agreement with OF’er Randy Winn which will like end any chance for Johnny Damon to return to the Bronx.

The Winn deal is rumored to be for one year and worth in the area of $2 million, the amount Brian Cashman has been saying all along was the max the Yankees would spend.

Winn, who turns 36 in June, played in 149 games last season hitting .262 with 16 SB, but only 2 HR, his lowest in any season where he had over 500 AB. Winn hasn’t played a backup role since the very begining of his career with the then Tampa Ray Devil Rays, but he will likely go into the season as backup to Brett Gardner.

If Winn wins the job (unavoidable pun), or if Gardner is benched, Winn can be a decent option in the 9th spot of the lineup. He still has his legs, even though he is creeping up in age, and has had atleast 10 SB in each of the last nine seasons. Winn also registered five triples last season, the eight time in his career he has had atleast 5 in a season. Winn has never hit well against the Yankees with only a .231 average against the Yanks in 76 games, but did hit an inside the park grand slam against the Yankees on October 3rd, 1999.

Now Johnny Damon‘s options have officially withered with the only options left said to be the Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds. It is likely that both of these teams do not have enough money to give Damon and ScottĀ Boras what they want so a paycut is still coming. Boras has screwed a few of his clients in the past because of his stubborn ways and this is a prime example. I only hope Johnny is somewhat happy wherever he ends up, and hope he knows how much Yankee fans appreciate what he has done for the team the last few years.

What is everyone’s opinion on the decision?

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9 Responses to Yankees Sign Randy Winn…So Long Johnny

  1. Not a terrible signing. I still wish they'd gotten Reed Johnson, but this is not terrible. I'd say he's very comparable to Melky and the Yankees are only paying him $2 million as opposed to Melky's $3.4. Makes the Vazquez trade look better if anything.

  2. Stephen Crociata says:

    Like I told Brandon from PA… Ive seen alot of Reed being that Ive followed Cubs since Soriano got there…hes gritty but not a great baseball player…I mean Randy has spent last few years in NL too so who knows but my guess is Reed wanted like 2 years Yanks where more willing to go with Winn for 1…leaves more options for next season.

  3. Ryan P says:

    I like this signing a lot. He is only guarenteed one year and he is a switch hitter with experience. If he is a backup he can pinch hit in the late innings and create a lot of matchup problems. He will also benefit from not having to play 149 games a year, his bat will be quicker and he wont be fatiqued. He also a very formidable fielder and can fill in for swisher in right in the late innings. I was for him over all the other guys from the start.

  4. Steve B. says:

    Interesting way to look at it…that he replaces Melky. But is this the best way to save $1.4 million ??

    Cashman has added two OFs who both cannot hit lefties (Granderson – .171, Winn – .158).

    Why did Cashman NOT sign Reed Johnson (.324 vs LHP in 2009, .313 vs. LHP in career) ???

  5. @steve b – Randy Winn had a down year last year, but typically he hits lefties very well. I’m not exactly sure what happened last year though, but in 2008 he OPS’d .812 against lefties and in 2007 he it was .934.

    His home and road splits were also very bad in SF.

  6. Jeffrey says:

    In today's market you probably aren't going to get more than this for $2m. The guy has been consistently good defensively in all outfield positions and a good hitter until last year. He kind of reminds me of Swisher in that he may have just had some bad luck last year at the plate. Given the weak sh.. that the Giants placed around him in the batting order maybe he will get a boost just by being in a strong lineup.

    If he comes back to 2008 levels he will be an absolute steal.

    You are just not going to get a guy coming off a good year for $2m and that includes Damon.

  7. Joseph Liquori says:

    I think this signing is very good as well. From what i’m hearing, he’s also a very good clubhouse guy. Which as we all know is very important in Yankees land…

  8. Mac says:

    I like the Winn signing … a perfect kinda guy to give the Yankees a chance to find out if Brett Gardner is a regular Outfielder at the majors level or not … He’s a good defender, a reasonable hitter and brings as much speed as Damon with a better arm. He’s a professional, and I’m sure he understands the situation … If Gardner proves he’s a fourth outfielder, Winn can play more … IF Gardner proves he’s ready, then Winn becomes the fourth outfielder (along with Hoffman et al.)

    That being said, my enduring memory of the World Series is Johnny Damon (game 4) fighting off multiple pitches, getting on base, stealing second base AND third base on the same pitch … and turning game four from a likely loss into a tie and eventually a win…

    THE “turning point” of the World Series …

  9. <blockquote cite="comment-1017">

    Mac: That being said, my enduring memory of the World Series is Johnny Damon (game 4) fighting off multiple pitches, getting on base, stealing second base AND third base on the same pitch … and turning game four from a likely loss into a tie and eventually a win…THE “turning point” of the World Series …

    It was a truly an amazing moment in Yankees history. I think it'll be a highlight that is shown for years. Damon will be missed.

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