2010 Player Previews: Andy Pettitte

2009: What more can you say about Andy Pettitte? Aside from a short stint in Houston, Andy has been the rock of the Yankees rotation for over a decade and 2009 was no different. With a one year deal filled with incentives, Pettitte pitched 194.2 innings while giving up 90 earned runs. He finished with a stellar 14-8 record with 4.16 ERA. Not too shabby for a 37 year old 3rd starter in the American League.

What made Pettitte’s ’09 campaign so special were his postseason performances. Pettitte, the old man of the staff, went 4-0 with 1 no decision. He posted a 3.52 era over 30.2 innings of work while only giving up 12 earned runs on 26 hits. He did not have any particularly dominant games, he never went longer than 6.1 innings in any of his 5 starts, and he even gave up 4 runs in 6 innings against the Phillies. But he won. Pettitte clinched every postseason series for the Yankees. And in the end, winning is what matters and that is exactly what the Yankees did. Hopefully, with Pettitte on the staff again the Yankees will continue their winning ways.

  • 2009 Stats: 32 Games 14 Wins 8 Losses 4.16 ERA 194.2 Innings 193 Hits 76 Walks 148 Strikeouts

2010: CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett took care of the innings last year and with Javier Vazquez joining the rotation, Pettitte will not have to shoulder as much of the load as he did last season. Also, with fewer incentives on his contract the pressure to perform should be greatly lessened. But do not expect that to slow Andy down. It would not be wise to underestimate his willpower at this point in his career. He had every incentive to retire after winning the World Series and yet he chose to come back and pitch. He would only do that if he felt he could continue to pitch at a high level which is why we can expect him to have another successful year. Though his numbers will not be as spectacular as they were last season, Pettitte will still be a solid performer in the Yankees rotation.

  • 2010 Prediction: 29 games 13 Wins 8 Losses 4.10 ERA 176 Innings 172 Hits 70 Walks 120 Strikeouts
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3 Responses to 2010 Player Previews: Andy Pettitte

  1. Eric @ THTGB says:

    The Pettitte/Vazquez three/four combo has the potential to be one of the most effective middle of the rotation combinations in the majors. I'm excited to see how they do.

  2. nyyankeefanforever says:

    Great post Peter. Andy is the most underrated, unheralded moneyball pitcher in MLB, and let's not forget his all-time record of pickoffs and mastery at holding runners on first base for all those sweet double plays Derek, Robbie and Tex turn so beautifully. Talk about added value! And Eric is absolutely right on. With Javier on-board, Joba can now shrug off the 'Joba Rules' and really let it rip with much less pressure from the 5 hole — the best rotation in baseball top to bottom! Thanks for pumping me up guys. Only two more weeks until spring training, I can't wait!

    For more Hot Stove chucks and giggles, check out “Joe’s Job — The Ballad of Terry Francona” at:

    It’s a must-see for Yankee fans and BoSuxers alike. Go Yankees! 28 in 2010!!!

  3. Peter Menking says:

    Thanks Mr. Fan! Check out my new post about Vazquez. As I say in that one, I believe that Vazquez is the crucial piece to the Yankees rotation. If he even sniffs his 2009 numbers, the Yankees are going to have an incredible rotation.

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