2010 Player Previews: Boone Logan

boone-loganBoone Logan, 25, was a 20th round pick by the Chicago White Sox back in 2002.  He surprised baseball by making the White Sox’ opening day roster back in 2006 with only four games above rookie ball to his name.  He struggled mightily in the majors and has been up and down ever since.


Boone Logan was traded to the Atlanta Braves prior to the 2009 season along with Javier Vazquez.  2009 would be another up-and-down year as he would end up pitching 29 games in the minors, and 29 games in the majors.  He continued his trend of limited success in the majors, compiling a 5.19 ERA, which actually lowered his career ERA to 5.78.

Logan, a lefty, had a noticeable lefty-righty split in 2009.  Lefties were only able to hit a OPS of .626 off of him while righties hit a .932 OPS against him.

Following the season he was traded, once again with Javier Vazquez, to the Yankees.


Logan, at this point, may have a slight chance at the last bullpen job, but it is definitely no lock.  With his splits, one would hope that the Yankees would try to make him a LOOGY, and keep him as far from righties as possible.

If he does not make the roster on opening day, Logan is going to have a tough climb getting to the majors.  He is going to have a bunch of competition in Triple-A, including several of their starters, if there is an opening on the big league level.  Royce Ring would be his major competition, as they are both lefties.

Basically, don’t expect much out of Logan this season.  Expect him to pitch in 10-20 games, and he very ineffective.  With a 2:1 K:BB ratio, and a WHIP of 1.69 over 162 games, there is not much to look forward to.

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3 Responses to 2010 Player Previews: Boone Logan

  1. Juke Early says:

    Boone Logan who was obviously named after the great American frontiersman -Dan'l Day Logan [ jk jk ]- could be a LH find. I'm not a proponent of the NYY strict facial hair policy, but if it means there won't be anymore pics like the one attached to this post, I'm donating money to Gillette tout de suite. BTW – do they not have mirrors in some MLB clubhouses? just asking. . ..

  2. I hope he gets good enough that people start buying his shirts and come to Yankee Stadium dressed as Wolverine.

  3. smurfy says:

    You got him confused: he must be of the Pennsylvania Dutch Logans. Maybe he's trying to make sure he doesn't have to fly in aeroplanes.

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