2010 Player Previews: David Robertson

2009: David Robertson was called up on April 16th, 2009 before the Yankees 1st series in the New Yankee Stadium and saw some action in a 10-2 loss (2IP 2 Hits 3 Ks), but all Robertson was really expected to be was a clean up guy who would come in during blowout wins or losses to eat up innings. During his first 2 months with the Yankees Robinson was mainly only used in losses, and didn’t get to much of a chance to pitch in any important situations. He wound up finishing the 1st half of the season with a 3.57 ERA with 34 K and 16 BB in 22.2 IP, and he only got into 9 games in which the Yankees won.

The second half of the season saw Robertson getting many more meaningful appearances and Robertson lived up to the challenge. In his 21 appearances after the all star break fifteen were Yankee victories and he tallied five holds after having no holds in the first half of the season. An important change to Robertson’s game that helped him succeed in the second half was his control. Robertson had some control issues in the 1st half of the season and had an average K/BB ratio of 2/1, but in the second half Robertson turned it around and put up a K/BB ratio of 4/1. He proved to the Yankees he was a trustworthy reliever and was added to the postseason roster even after  late season arm troubles. He only go into five postseason games but register two victories and didn’t allow a run in 5.1 IP.

2009 Regular Season Totals:  App 2-1 W-L 43.2 IP 5 Holds 1 SV 63 K 23 BB 3.30 ERA

2010: This season will be a make it or break it season for Robertson as he gets ready for a large roll in the Yankee bullpen. Who ever loses out in the Joba/Hughes battle will take the 8th inning and Robertson will share that 6th-7th inning roll with Damaso Marte. Even though Robertson is a righty he has shown  to pitch very well against lefties which makes him a very valuable late inning reliever. He will have to continue his level of performance from the second half of last season if he wants to really be noticed and make a big name for himself. Robertson has all of the pieces to be a big time RP now he has to put it all together and display it on the field.

Personally I have a very high opinion on Robertson. I see the way he put his control together last season and with his fastball which is not overly fast but seems to deceive batters he can be dominant. I am not suggesting this for the Yankees since it sounds crazy when you try to convince yourself anyone can take Mariano Rivera’s place but David Robertson has closer potential. His strikeout numbers last season were well over one strikeout per IP and if his control is really like what he did in the second half of 2009 he could make it as a closer. In my opinion the Yankees have a relief gem in Robertson and should hold on tight and see where his potential can go.

2010 Regular Season Prediction: 62 App 6-3 W-L 68 IP 18 Holds 3 SV 94 K 28 BB 2.84 ERA

**Did You Know?**
**David Robertson’s Career Minor League Numbers- 12-6 (No starts) 152.2 IP 215 K 61 BB 1.30 ERA**

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9 Responses to 2010 Player Previews: David Robertson

  1. Mike S. says:

    I have been high on Robertson for a number of years now and think he will become an important bullpen piece in 2010 and beyond. I try to follow guys from A ball up and make mental notes from the boxscores I am reading. A few years back, I stated to watch Joba and Robertson.

    • Stephen Crociata says:

      So Mike I'm sure you can see Robertson's closer potential even if its not with the Yanks. He has the strikeout capability, respectable control, and that quiet intensity.

      • smurfy says:

        Stephen, another great photo: baseball as ballet. But, as you said, the Yanks should hold on tight, not “even if it’s not with the Yanks.” A dependable reliever is golden, as much as some folks disdain them as being overpaid.

        • Stephen Crociata says:

          I’m hoping they never let him go I wanna see him be closer so all the Joba as closer talk will stop lol.

      • Mike S. says:

        I can see Robertson as an effective setup guy. Kind of like the “Jeff Nelson” of this decade. In watching him come up (I try to go on milb.com and check the boxscores of SWB, Trenton, Tampa and Charleston every day. Of course, some days are impossible. Life happens…) I was impressed with his low ERA’s, K’s/9, etc. Seemed like he was coming and coming fast, just like Joba. I remember first reading, hearing, talking about and writing about Joba when Joba was in the Hawaiian Winter League. I told friends they were coming fast and thankfully, they didn’t make me out to be wrong. (ha ha). Hopefully the pipeline continues. It’d be nice to break in one new pitcher a year. Joba, Hughes, Robertson… next up Melancon? (I know Melancon was up briefly last year, wonder how much more this year?)

        • Mike S. says:

          P.S. I think it was 2007 that really caught my eye to Robertson. I'm pretty sure it was now that I look at his stats from that year. Three levels (A, A+ and AA) , 0.96 combined ERA and 113 K in 84 IP. I didn't think he'd make it as quickly as 2008, but wow. He had the growing pains in 2008 with the Yanks but the minor league work was excellent. (4-0, 1.68 between AA/AAA). 77 K in 53 2/3.

          Last year, he just took that progression to the major league level with the 3.30, and 63 K in 43 2/3.

          The best part of all this? Of Joba, Hughes, Robertson and Melancon, guess who is the oldest? It's Melancon, who will be 25 at the end of March.

  2. I mentioned both Robertson and Melancon in my 2009 bullpen review in a separate post. Robertson really came along in '09 and, if Melancon can be somewhat close to that in '10, the Yankees would be really tough in the pen again. Robertson helped make last year's bullpen nothing short of excellent.

  3. Yeah, I think having another strong reliever would quite some of the Joba/Hughes to the bullpen chatter. That would be nice.

  4. Lefty says:

    Gotta like Robertson..He's got heart & he's a gamer. Let's not overlook what Trevor Hoffman has done over the last several years without the ability to throw aspirins at you. A successful Robertson will give the Yanks some real flexibility. Melancon also has the potential to be a very good bullpen asset. Things could get crowded out there in a hurry.

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