2010 Player Previews: Jamie Hoffmann

2009: The Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t know what to do with Jamie Hoffmann in 2009. He began the season at AA-affiliate Chattanooga hitting just .257 with 2 home runs and 16 RBI in 29 games. He was sent up to AAA Albuquerque, where he played 8 games and hit .307. Then comes along the story of some guy named Manny Ramirez who liked to inject feminine hormones or something like that, which got him suspended for 50 games. Hoffmann went just 4-22 (.182) with the Dodgers, but hit his first big league home run off of the Angels’ Matt Palmer, as well as driving in 7 RBI in those 22 at-bats. However, he went 3-8 with 2 doubles, that home run and six RBI in his two starts for the Dodgers. Hoffmann was sent back to Triple-A after his mediocre performance in the MLB, where he batted .288 in the 60 remaining games before September call-ups. The Dodgers designated Hoffman for assignment on September 1st to clear a roster spot for newly-acquired pitcher Jon Garland. He was left off of the 40-man roster when they were due this past off season.

2009 AAA Totals: 68 Games  44 Runs  73 Hits  8 HR  48 RBI  .284 AVG  .360 OBP  10 SB  8 CS

On December 7th, the Yankees traded away RHP Brian Bruney to the Washington Nationals for their first-round Rule 5 draft pick. The Yankees arranged for the Nationals to select OF Jamie Hoffmann, who was then sent to New York.

2010: Before the addition of OF Randy Winn, most people anticipated Hoffmann to be the Yankees’ backup outfielder. However, with the addition of Winn, that gives the Yankees four strong outfield choices (Winn, Granderson, Swisher, Gardner), also making it nearly impossible to believe that Hoffmann will make the Yanks opening-day roster (of course, unless he hits .350 or belts 13 home runs in Spring Training). However, I do see a bright future for the 25-year-old Hoffmann. The scouting report has him listed at 6’3 240 lb., a big man for having good speed. He isn’t afraid to crash into walls (he was drafted in the 8th round of the 2003 NHL draft by the Carolina Hurricanes out of high school) and his best attribute is fielding, where he is flexible and can play all three outfield spots. He is a line drive hitter, not possessing as much power as you might think he would have. I do like the fact that he was aggressive on the base paths, although he was only 10-18 in his attempts. It’s hard to believe otherwise that we won’t see Hoffmann in the MLB until September or injury or a bad slump from an outfielder.

2010 AAA Prediction: 108 Games  11 HR  78 RBI  .290 AVG  .367 OBP  15 SB  9 CS

2010 MLB Prediction: 16 Games  2 HR  9 RBI  .274 AVG  3 SB  2 CS

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5 Responses to 2010 Player Previews: Jamie Hoffmann

  1. She-Fan says:

    I have a feeling we won’t see much of Hoffmann. Between Gardner, Thames and Winn, I think we’ve got the extra outfielder position covered.

  2. Dan Reiner says:

    wow thanks I can't believe I forgot to mention Thames. either way I don't expect Hoffmann to play more than September, which is how I based his stats

  3. I think Jane might be right. Also, if Hoffmann isn't on the 25-man roster after ST, he needs to be offered back to LA before he can be sent down, and my gut tells me they would take him back before Hoffmann would hit SWB. I do however wish he would get an honest shot at the club. But the Yanks got Winn for a reason, mainly his speed and defense and, should Thames and Winn pick up their averages a bit, the Yanks will be fine in OF depth.

  4. I do think he'll get a real shot at the job. I also think that the Dodgers would definitely take him back if he was offered to them. Maybe the Yankees could work out a trade though if they liked him enough.

  5. Dan Reiner says:

    God I'm sorry people I missed a lot of points

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