2010 Player Previews: Randy Winn

2009: Randy Winn was a very productive player during the first three years of his four-year deal with San Francisco, posting a .290 batting average and scoring 343 runs in 666 games with the Giants. He strugged offensively in 2009, hitting .262 with only two home runs in 149 games. Family issues or an undisclosed injury may have been the cause for Winn’s offensive woes, but he did hit .295 when not playing at AT&T Park.

2010: Winn signed a $1.1 million deal with the Yankees this winter, but can earn an addition $900,000 in performance bonuses based on the number of plate appearances against left-handed pitchers. It’s an interesting deal for someone who hit .158 against lefties in 2009. Winn will likely be used as a backup outfielder due to his ability to play each position. He’ll likely get the majority of his playing time in left field, but he will be used to give Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher the occasional day off. If he is able to show the Yankees that his 2009 numbers were merely the result of bad luck, Winn could earn a lot more playing time. Nowt that Marcus Thames has joined the battle for left field, Winn may have to settle for limited playing time. Personally, I don’t think he had a full-time role in mind when he signed his deal with the Yankees.

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2 Responses to 2010 Player Previews: Randy Winn

  1. smurfy says:

    An injury that hurt his righty swing, perhaps. My ears perked up when Derek Jeter, in his interview on MLBN last week, said he knows Randy, has worked out with him in a couple of winters. Maybe Randy has addressed the injury.

    I like the speculative nature of the contract. I think, especially when a free agent is coming off surgery or has a risky physical condition, the contracting is healthier when the club and the player share the risks.

  2. Dan LaTorraca says:

    The contract was really interesting. It will be fun to track his performance against LHP this season.

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