2010 Previews: Chad Gaudin

2009: Chad Gaudin was brought to the Yankees during the beginning of August in order to shore up the starting rotation and provide some bullpen help as a long reliever. With the problems that Joba Chamberlain was having and with his pitch count starting to add up, Gaudin came in and pitched well for the Yankees. The Yankees were 9-3 when Gaudin pitched in the game whether he was a reliever, starter, or starting in tandem with Joba. He finished with an ERA of 4.64 but during his time with the Yankees he posted a solid 3.5 ERA. But, it would be difficult to describe him as an impact player. He gave up 3 or more earned runs 13 times and gave up nearly as many hits, 146, as he had innings pitched, 147.1.

Gaudin certainly was not brought in to be a game changer. His most famous moment during the season was when he was the only man left in the bullpen during the playoff series against the Angels during the infamous binder saga. He did his job and, as I have said in previous player previews, the Yankees won a World Series with him on the roster so clearly he did not have a negative effect on the team. It may be a moot point for some, but as Yankee fans I think we need to remember that the team just won a championship. Anyone who was involved in that has earned my respect, even if they did have a 6-10 record with 76 walks and 156 hits in 147.1 innings pitched while making a majority of his appearances in the National League

  • 2009 Stats: 6 Wins 10 Losses 25 Starts 147.1 Innings 4.64 ERA 146 Hits 76 Earned Runs 76 Walks 139 Strikeouts

2010: Gaudin is making $2.95 million next year. Not too shabby for someone who has been described as a long reliever and an emergency sixth starter. He might not even be the emergency sixth starter depending on what the Yankees decide to do with whoever does not win the coveted 5th spot. Phil Hughes or Joba could very well be used in spot starts which would essentially leave Gaudin as a long reliever.

  • 2010 Predictions: 3 Wins 2 Losses 75 Innings 4.1 ERA 80 Hits 30 Walks 80 Strikeouts

On an unrelated topic, Gaudin’s beard that he sported while he was on the cubs puts Joe Blanton’s fuzzy caterpillar to shame.

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