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Former Yankees in Pictures

I was checking some new pictures of former Yankees. They look pretty weird so I thought I'd pass them along. Apparently the Yankees were keeping a lot of players from growing facial hair, especially Jason Giambi. We've got Johnny Damon in a Detroit Tigers uniform: Austin Jackson in a Detroit Tigers uniform (I like Granderson, but it ...

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In the Wake of Hurricane Damon

Like Phil Coke (R), Johnny Damon will have plenty of time to grow his hair out. There has been quite a lot of talk about Johnny Damon this offseason. So much that the Yankees replacing him in the lineup with Nick Johnson could not stop it, signing of Randy Winn leaving no room ...

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Johnny Damon Signs with the Detroit Tigers, Updated

According to Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports, Johnny Damon is now officially a former Yankee as he signed a one-year deal worth more than $7 million to play for the Detroit Tigers. This means that Damon turned down a chance to play for the Yankees over $1 million. No matter how he and Scott Boras try ...

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Where Might Johnny Damon End Up


Yes, another Johnny Damon post. I'm beginning to resent him for so much of the attention he is taking up this offseason, but it's February 12 and he still hasn't signed a contract. For the record, Bobby Abreu signed on February 14 last offseason. So where might Johnny Damon end up? Well it looks like Detroit. ...

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Johnny Damon Rumors


According to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports, free agent outfielder Johnny Damon is insisting that any contract he signs should be at least a two-year deal. They expect that the Tigers, Braves, and Rays as possible suitors and say that more could be interested if he drops his multi-year demands. Morosi and ...

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BBD Readers Confident In Gardner/Winn…Sort of

After the Yankees signed outfielder Randy Winn, effectively cutting ties with Johnny Damon for good, I put a poll up on the site asking our readers if they thought the Yankees would live to regret that decision. With 287 entries it was our most successful poll to date and it was a very interesting one at ...

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AL Exec: Damon Deserves 1-Year $3 Million

Steve Kornacki of Mlive.com interviewed an unnamed American League executive the other day who couldn't believe Damon rejected a $14 million and $6 million offers from the Yankees. “Sometimes, we ask for too much,” said the source, requesting anonymity. “Then, the smoke clears and you ask, ‘Where am I?’ And now, I can’t believe anybody is ...

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