Don't Trust Chan Ho, Never Trust Chan Ho, Can't Trust Chan Ho, Don't Trust Him

Although their names had been linked in the days prior to the Yankees’ signing of Chan Ho Park, I was a little surprised to see that they actually completed a deal.

What can the Yankees expect out of Chan Ho Park as a reliever?  Can he be used in a set-up role?  Was this entire article just an excuse to use my slightly clever title?

We all know about his splits from last season; he was terrible as a starting pitcher but excellent in the bullpen with a 2.52 ERA and a K/9 of 9.4 for the National League Champions.

Frankly, considering his age and how volatile he has been over his career, I would really like the Yankees to put him into a tight game immediately and frequently over the beginning of the season.   This would be as important as they would be able to see if Park would be able to come through in close games, as well as see if he is the same Chan Ho Park that they saw in the bullpen from last year.  I do expect to see a regression from last year’s stats due to the move to the AL East and an increase in his age, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned out to be a serviceable reliever for the Yankees next year.

In case you didn’t notice, Brian Cashman was a complete master this offseason.  He basically upgraded from Brian Bruney to Chan Ho Park, while saving money on the upgrade, as well as acquiring Jamie Hoffman because of it.

Also, this signing does an a impact on the 40 man roster; as of this moment there are no more spots on it for Park, which most likely means that Edwar Ramirez will be designated for assignment.

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  1. BXBecks says:

    That's a scary looking dude. Right before he pitches, he does this stare… this weird thing with his eyes. Not cool.

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