Former Yankees in Pictures 12

I was checking some new pictures of former Yankees. They look pretty weird so I thought I’d pass them along. Apparently the Yankees were keeping a lot of players from growing facial hair, especially Jason Giambi.

We’ve got Johnny Damon in a Detroit Tigers uniform:

(photo by: AP Photo).

Austin Jackson in a Detroit Tigers uniform (I like Granderson, but it is a real shame we didn’t see AJax more in the Pinstripes):

(photo by: Getty).

Ian Kennedy as a Arizona Diamondback:

(Photo by: Getty).

Phil Coke in a Tigers uniform:

(Photo by: Getty).

Hideki Matsui in an Angels uniform:

(Photo by: Getty).

Melky Cabrera in a Atlanta Braves uniform:

(Photo by: Getty).

Chien-Ming Wang as a Washington National:

(Photo by: Reuters).

Jose Molina in a Toronto Blue Jays uniform:

(Photo by: Reuters).

Jerry Hairston Jr in San Diego Padres gear:

(Photo by: AP Photo).

Bonus – Jason Giambi in a Colorado Rockies uniform:

(Photo by: Getty).

Bonus – Alphonso Soriano in a Cubs uniform:

(Photo by: Getty).

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12 thoughts on “Former Yankees in Pictures

  • Sean Serritella

    It doesn't look that weird seeing Johnny Damon in another uniform because I've seen him play on the Red Sox against us. It's kind of weird seeing AJax though.

    I also wanted to say not to take it as a slight if you don't see me here a lot. I get tired very easily and have various illnesses that's tough to deal with. For me, it's hard doing a website and going to another one as well.

  • Mike S.

    I have seen the Bambino in his Boston Braves uniform. Even Joe Gordon in his Cleveland Indians uniform.

    For me, the "holy grail" of other uniforms is this: Yogi Berra in the Mets uniform, and no, I am not talking Yogi the coach or manager. It has to be Yogi the PLAYER, for he only played in four games or so as a Met. No Mets pix of him as coach or manager. It MUST be as player.

  • Mike S.

    Not to ignore: Ellie Howard as a Red Sox or Moose Skowron as a Dodger. Since I have every WS video since 1948, I have this. Ellie wearing #38 catching for Boston in the 1967 WS vs. St. Louis, and Skowron as a Dodger in 1963's WS.

  • smurfy

    The Mets have to be crazy not to celebrate that. I guess they were scrappin', but gee whiz!

    Alphonso is swinging mightily, but the best he'll see from that is a dink over third. Not to be denied, now that's a quality. Alphonso? I think the Cubs got snookered. Prove me wrong, Alphonso, but Jim Hendry should be fired, no?

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