Former Yankees in Pictures 24

I was checking some new pictures of former Yankees. They look pretty weird so I thought I’d pass them along. Apparently the Yankees were keeping a lot of players from growing facial hair, especially Jason Giambi.

We’ve got Johnny Damon in a Detroit Tigers uniform:

(photo by: AP Photo).

Austin Jackson in a Detroit Tigers uniform (I like Granderson, but it is a real shame we didn’t see AJax more in the Pinstripes):

(photo by: Getty).

Ian Kennedy as a Arizona Diamondback:

(Photo by: Getty).

Phil Coke in a Tigers uniform:

(Photo by: Getty).

Hideki Matsui in an Angels uniform:

(Photo by: Getty).

Melky Cabrera in a Atlanta Braves uniform:

(Photo by: Getty).

Chien-Ming Wang as a Washington National:

(Photo by: Reuters).

Jose Molina in a Toronto Blue Jays uniform:

(Photo by: Reuters).

Jerry Hairston Jr in San Diego Padres gear:

(Photo by: AP Photo).

Bonus – Jason Giambi in a Colorado Rockies uniform:

(Photo by: Getty).

Bonus – Alphonso Soriano in a Cubs uniform:

(Photo by: Getty).

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