Former Yankees in Pictures

I was checking some new pictures of former Yankees. They look pretty weird so I thought I’d pass them along. Apparently the Yankees were keeping a lot of players from growing facial hair, especially Jason Giambi.

We’ve got Johnny Damon in a Detroit Tigers uniform:

(photo by: AP Photo).

Austin Jackson in a Detroit Tigers uniform (I like Granderson, but it is a real shame we didn’t see AJax more in the Pinstripes):

(photo by: Getty).

Ian Kennedy as a Arizona Diamondback:

(Photo by: Getty).

Phil Coke in a Tigers uniform:

(Photo by: Getty).

Hideki Matsui in an Angels uniform:

(Photo by: Getty).

Melky Cabrera in a Atlanta Braves uniform:

(Photo by: Getty).

Chien-Ming Wang as a Washington National:

(Photo by: Reuters).

Jose Molina in a Toronto Blue Jays uniform:

(Photo by: Reuters).

Jerry Hairston Jr in San Diego Padres gear:

(Photo by: AP Photo).

Bonus – Jason Giambi in a Colorado Rockies uniform:

(Photo by: Getty).

Bonus – Alphonso Soriano in a Cubs uniform:

(Photo by: Getty).

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24 Responses to Former Yankees in Pictures

  1. nyyankees2010 says:

    Melky looks shell-shocked.

  2. Sean Serritella says:

    It doesn't look that weird seeing Johnny Damon in another uniform because I've seen him play on the Red Sox against us. It's kind of weird seeing AJax though.

    I also wanted to say not to take it as a slight if you don't see me here a lot. I get tired very easily and have various illnesses that's tough to deal with. For me, it's hard doing a website and going to another one as well.

  3. Mike S. says:

    I have seen the Bambino in his Boston Braves uniform. Even Joe Gordon in his Cleveland Indians uniform.

    For me, the "holy grail" of other uniforms is this: Yogi Berra in the Mets uniform, and no, I am not talking Yogi the coach or manager. It has to be Yogi the PLAYER, for he only played in four games or so as a Met. No Mets pix of him as coach or manager. It MUST be as player.

  4. Mike S. says:

    Not to ignore: Ellie Howard as a Red Sox or Moose Skowron as a Dodger. Since I have every WS video since 1948, I have this. Ellie wearing #38 catching for Boston in the 1967 WS vs. St. Louis, and Skowron as a Dodger in 1963's WS.

  5. Mike S. says:

    …and may I add Maris as a Cardinal….

  6. smurfy says:

    The Mets have to be crazy not to celebrate that. I guess they were scrappin', but gee whiz!

    Alphonso is swinging mightily, but the best he'll see from that is a dink over third. Not to be denied, now that's a quality. Alphonso? I think the Cubs got snookered. Prove me wrong, Alphonso, but Jim Hendry should be fired, no?

  7. smurfy says:

    I dunno, Cubbers, it's past midnight, but maybe Dave Dombrowski is ready to switch.

  8. Holy crap; Phil Coke looks like a skinnier Rod Beck.

  9. vicky says:

    Phil coke is the worst pitcher I ever saw

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