Friday Night Links

If you don’t have plans tonight and want to do some good reading here are a few links to keep you busy for a while.

Jay over at Fack Youk wrote a great comparrison article of John Lackey vs. Javier Vazquez.

NoMaas interviewed John Manuel who is Co-Editor in Chief of Baseball America.

Joseph Pawlikowski of RAB took a look at the Yankees record during one-run games and blowouts in 2009. They didn’t do so well.

Moshe Mandel at TYU thinks Curtis Granderson may be the 2008 version of Robinson Cano.

Was Watching has gotten a renovation. I like it.

Kevin Rozell pinch hit for LoHud this week. It’s a great post about Mel Allen. Definitely worth a read.

If you like the quiz we ran the other day, here is another good one, all of the opening day starters for the Yankees since 1990. I got 183 out of 200, not bad. BTW, I missed Josh Towers and Ian Kennedy on the last one.

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5 Responses to Friday Night Links

  1. I only missed Claggett on the 2009 quiz.

    Aced the the Opening Day starter one. I have far too much useless baseball information stored in my head.

  2. resmrblondedog says:

    Not Yankees related, but if you want to watch baseball the Caribbean World Series is on MLB Network right now. Venezuela vs. Mexico.

  3. Sean Serritella says:

    Good stuff.

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