Jeter Just Right at Home

derek-jeterThe Yankees’ off-season has been full of changes. From the departure of Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui, to the reacquisition of Javier Vasquez, the 2010 roster has taken shape in the Bronx. One of the many familiar faces in 2010 is Yankees’ captain, Derek Jeter.

Interestingly enough, he’s been mentioned quite a bit this off-season as well. After a season in which Jeter won a Silver Slugger and a Golden Glove, the free agent status the shortstop will have in 2011 has been a subject of the media as of late.

Any Yankee fan can give you plenty of reasons why Jeter won’t be leaving the Bronx. Reasons will range from “he’s the captain” to “Jeter, in another uniform, are you crazy?”. After A-Rod signed a monster 10-year contract in 2007, some have questioned if Jeter will demand an A-Rod salary when many would argue his value is not near that of the all-star third baseman.

The bottom line, right now, Jeter is a Yankee. Brian Cashman has made it clear contract negotiations aren’t a concern. As far as Hank Steinbrenner is concerned, Jeter is a Yankee lifer. I’m not going to disagree with any of these statements. You can argue all you want why Jeter will be a Yankee for life, but looked at Jeter’s numbers and provided yet another reason why Jeter should end his career in pinstripes.

Breaking down Jeter’s numbers at home in 2009, it was determined that Jeter improved at nearly every level of his game compared to 2008. Highlighting Jeter’s “inside-out” offensive style, the New Yankee Stadium plays right into Jeter’s game plan.

According to FanGraph, 11 of Jeter’s 15 homeruns to right field in 09′ were at Yankee Stadium. There’s no question that Jeter has always done a good job at hitting to opposite field but Jeter has maintained his ability to drive the ball, as highlighted by a 28.5 LD rate(7.6% better than average).

When it was broken down further, it turns out Jeter didn’t hit too many blasts (his longest being at 393 footer at Fenway). Instead, Jeter utilized the park he had in front of him and took advantage of it.

Click here to view FanGraph’s detailed assessment of Jeter’s 2009 season.

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