Joba-Hughes Debate: Who Starts? Who Relieves?

Our own Brian Burkhart thinks this entire debate is overrated. He might be right, but one thing is for certain, until Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain are firmly entrenched in their roles this debate is not going away. So in an attempt to at least keep the debate contained in one area I have put together this post, and our fancy new graphic featured in the left column, which I intend to update regularly.

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Where do I stand? I’m 100 percent for them both to end up starters in the long-run. For this year I’d like to see Joba get the 5th starter position. I don’t mind seeing Hughes in the bullpen to start the year, he’s not going to start the year in the minors so forget that, as long as the ultimate goal is to make him a starter.

Where do you stand?

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10 Responses to Joba-Hughes Debate: Who Starts? Who Relieves?

  1. Brian Burkhart says:

    What I would do – and I think the Yankees will do this – is make Joba the 5th start and put Hughes in the bullpen to start. But don't just make Hughes the 8th inning guy – pitch him for longer stints (at least 2 innings). That way he'll be in a better position to fill-in for some starts when the opportunity presents itself.

  2. I concur with Brian on the scenario, and with Rob that both should be starters. You simply can never have enough good ones on hand.

  3. Sorry, that both should be starters long-term, that should have read.

  4. stevebfromct says:

    Mo MIGHT be the only closer who isn't overrated ??….he IS the only closer who is NOToverrated. No argument. Anyone who tries to argue that he is overrated knows nothing about baseball.

  5. smurfy says:

    Brian's on it. And, long term, let their styles and pitch-type effectiveness decide. While starting is of the highest value, at least the closer, when you see what Mo has done, has to be valued nearly as high. Although, today, you need three dependable relievers to win games, a pennant. Nothing hurts morale more than a blown game, after a good start.

    It takes three pretty good pitches, some speed differentiation, to persist as a good starter, and some economy to the process. Not saying he won't, but to date, it looks to me that Joba's idea is to pick at the corners as a substitute for overpowering, as his means of that economy. Walks kill us and they kill him by the 5th, usually.

    Phil's still looking to establish a third, isn't he?

    • AJ Burnett only has two pitches. Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson only had two pitches.

      • smurfy says:

        Oh, it can be done. Roger made sure of it, ahem, and Randy is a freak, although he didn't do much for me as a Yankee. I was spoiled and privileged to witness Greg Maddux' approach.

  6. smurfy says:

    and AJ is a work in progress. I'm pulling for him to adapt.

  7. Stephen Crociata says:

    To me currently this shouldn't be an issue I may be in the definite minority but ATM I feel Joba should be starting with Hughes in the pen. Right now you don't need both as SP so if I had to pick one I'm picking Joba. I want control in the 'pen and Hughes has more control then Joba. A SP can get away with being wild (AJ's no hitter), but a RP can't get away with a lack of control. I know the argument is Joba had control when he was originally in the 'pen while he was throwing 95+ MPH and he doesn't have the stamina to start a full season, but when he first came up to the Yanks he only pitched 24 innings pitching 60+ IP in the 'pen throwing (or attempting to throw) 95+ is going to fatigue and arm just as much as him starting…with both guys the arm will have to adjust to the length of the season temporarily I put Joba in the rotation but in the long run I want both as SP…no one can replace Mo Rivera so that discussion is a lose lose so lets avoid it for now lol

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