3 thoughts on “Joba's Velocity Higher In 2008

  • eddieperez23

    Thanks for the extra effort and looking this up. My buddy and I had a feeling he was throwing slower after he got hurt and this proves it. With regards to '09 his relief stint was to short to take anything meaningful from it. It's clear his shoulder wasn't "right" in '09. The question is will he ever regain his '07/'08 velocity? This and having wiped away the innings limit will go along way in determining if he will excel as a starter.

  • Jeffrey

    A bit difficult to read, but an interesting article.

    You might be able to get more insight if you look at his walks or ball/strike ratio. Often an injury shows up in a loss of command rather than or in addition to a loss of velocity.

    I think that his shoulder isn't right. I can say from personal experience with shoulder tendonitis that a lot can be done to improve things with a strict regimen of physical exercise, but, from the looks of Joba's physique,he doesn't seem to be too familiar with the weight room.

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