Johnny Damon Rumors

johnny-damonAccording to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports, free agent outfielder Johnny Damon is insisting that any contract he signs should be at least a two-year deal. They expect that the Tigers, Braves, and Rays as possible suitors and say that more could be interested if he drops his multi-year demands.

Morosi and Rosenthal label the Tigers as the most likely team Damon will sign with, but note that their general manager Dave Dombrowski hasn’t indicated that they are close to signing Damon. They also say that the Rays would probably need to unload some salary and that the Cincinnati Reds are not involved at this point.

The Braves also have real interest, but as it’s been all offseason, they only seem willing to sign him if he is willing to settle on a lesser contract. So they’re strategy is to just sit back and let it known that they wouldn’t mind signing him on the cheap or not at all.

Bobby Abreu signed with the Angels on February 14 last season, it’s February 10th today. Will Damon sign in the next four days? Your guess is as good as mine.

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