Johnny Damon Signs with the Detroit Tigers, Updated

According to Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports, Johnny Damon is now officially a former Yankee as he signed a one-year deal worth more than $7 million to play for the Detroit Tigers.

This means that Damon turned down a chance to play for the Yankees over $1 million. No matter how he and Scott Boras try to spin this it’s going to look bad.

It’s no surprise that Damon signed just days after the White Sox pulled their offer off the table leaving the Tigers as the only real suitor he had left. Pitchers and catchers have already reported and position players report next week. With such little time and only one suitor left, he really had no choice but to take what was offered to him.

More recently, Damon and the Tigers were haggling over deferred money and Boras was still holding out for a multi-year deal. The fact that he’s signed a one-year deal makes me think that there isn’t a whole lot of deferred money.

Update: Jon Morosi of Fox Sports confirmed that the deal is indeed done pending a physical and that it’s actually worth $8 million.

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7 Responses to Johnny Damon Signs with the Detroit Tigers, Updated

  1. I agree with you guys, especially on JD likely regretting this. More and more it becomes apparent that JD and Boras misread the market this off-season. It wasn't a good year to be a free agent LF/DH type–except for Bay and Holliday. Given the pattern to teams' tamping down salary demands, some 1980s-style collusion wouldn't surprise me, either. Yet regardless, JD and Boras botched this, no question. He could have been back in pinstripes as a very sound DH and, if not starting LF, 4th OF.

  2. You're not kidding about him regretting rejecting that $14 million offer. At the time I thought it was a slightly low-ball offer, but in the end I think Cashman proved that he's been very good at gauging the free agent market the past 2 seasons. $14 million seems very fair now.

  3. Brian Burkhart says:

    Well, supposedly the Yankees first offer was 2 years and at least $14 million. So I think we can safely say Damon regrets not taking that one. Can’t blame Cashman for going elsewhere. He knew his offer was the best one Damon would see and wasn’t going to bid against himself.

  4. Buster Olney is now saying that none of the $8 million is being deferred. I bet they’re going to spin it and say that the Yankees last offer was for $6 million, half of which was supposed to be deferred. So the present day value is $8 million vs. $3 million.

    • Lefty says:

      Good job, Rob. I do think you've got their number on this. They will likely have more spin on the deal than a linear accelerator!

  5. Lefty says:

    As Peggy Lee sang,,”At Laaast…” Would’ve been really great to see the Tigers pull their offer as soon as the Pale Hose withdrew theirs. Then let’s see where the bottom would be. That the greedster, Boras, nudged Damon out of that nice fat $14 million deal by Cashman & that JD went along with it must be driving wifey screamin’ mad & on the phone to the White House for TARP money. Plus, the exceptional opportunity to live in Motown as opposed to Jeter country over in Tribeca I’m sure pleases her to no end. Sweet!

  6. smurfy says:

    Gone , gone, love is gone…

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