Minor League Monday: February 1st, 2010

Welcome to the first edition of the Bronx Baseball Daily version of Minor League Monday. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my old blog, “Pinstriped Scranton”, Minor League Monday will highlight the minor league news of the week. Aside from minor league news, it will also highlight top players during the season and transactions for the past week.

Since this is the first edition at BBD, we’ll start light with a few stories you may or may not have missed.. Next week will follow a more traditional schedule, looking at the last week in particular. We’ll also drill into a deeper look at some prospects and what they offer the Yankees organization. Here are a few interesting stories from the past week and a half that you’ll be interested in hearing about.

“People there would talk about me like I was going to be (Mickey) Mantle”

It’s been plenty of weeks since Austin Jackson officially left the Yankees organization in lieu of a trip to Detroit where Jackson finds himself with an opportunity to start at the Major League level. In the Bronx, Jackson’s chance was coming soon, but it was unlikely to start opening day 2010.

Austin Jackson recently spoke with the Windsor Star about his time in New York.

Considered the top outfield prospect with the Bronx Bombers, Jackson seems unfazed by the Granderson aura.

“I keep hearing I’ve got big shoes to fill,” Jackson said. “But I’m used to that with the Yankees.

“People there would talk about me like I was going to be (Mickey) Mantle.”

Source: Windsor Star

Based on the comments from the Jackson interview, it’s clear he was well aware of the expectations that lie ahead in New York. Is Jackson going to be a player of that caliber? It’s hard to put anyone into that category, but Jackson certainly had the tools.

As was made clear, however, a prospect is exactly that. Unproven. There’s no guarantee Austin Jackson will be anything.  Will you miss Jackson? Do you think the trade was a mistake?

January Transactions (via Baseball America)

New York Yankees Signings

3B Fu-Lin Kuo
RHP Zach Segovia
LHP Royce Ring
OF David Winfree

Before signing Fu-Lin Kuo, the last player to sign with the Yankees from Taiwan: Chien-Ming Wang.

Baseball America describes Winfree as a right-handed power hitter. The Yankees have a fair share of outfielders on their 40-man roster now, but no one in particular near the level of the previously mentioned Austin Jackson. That’s not expected, but it’s worth noting.

The Yankees also recently added Greg Golson. In a recent post at the LoHud Blog , Yankees Vice President of Baseball Operations Mark Newman talked with Chad Jennings about the latest addition.

“Big run and throw tools. Who knows? We’re going to work at it. When we traded Austin Jackson, we lost our plus run tool at Triple-A.

Prior to coming to New York, Golson was rated the “Best Athlete”, “Fastest Baserunner” and “Best Outfield Arm” in the Rangers organization. Not too shabby. But will he find time in the Bronx this season? It’s possible, but with the addition of Winn, the Yankees outfield regime appears to be complete.

Manager of the Decade: Dave Miley

If you’ve ever met Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees manager Dave Miley,  you know he’s a pretty straight forward guy. If he’s got an answer for you, he’ll answer it. Having talked to Dave Miley on a daily basis during my time with Pinstripes Plus, I saw that first hand.

There’s something else I had the chance to witness: Winning.

The facts speak for themselves. Dave Miley has been a winner. Not just any winner, though, the winningest manager in the International League this past decade.  In the past three seasons in Scranton, he’s compiled a record of  253-175 and has led the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees to three straight division titles and one Governors’ Cup.

Overall, in the past decade he’s compiled a record of 618-493.  To see the year by year record and read the full article, click here

Next Week: Tune in for another “Down on the Farm” segment where I’ll go into a deeper look at some of the prospects mentioned here and as well as a hand few not mentioned.  As always we’ll look at the transactions of the week and take a deeper look at the Yankees new outfield depth.

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2 Responses to Minor League Monday: February 1st, 2010

  1. Chris Barrows says:

    Glad you like Jason. I agree with you on the fact that the Yankees are putting efforts into restocking what they lost.

    As for Miley, he's done a great job. Will he find himself offered a major league job, it's possible. He's had the opportunity to do it before. In three years with the Reds, he had a record of 125-164.

    Will he manage in the Majors again? It's possible…but Scranton will try and keep him as long as they can if it means continued success at the Triple-A level. After all, he's dealt with a lot of change of players and staff over the past three years.

  2. Good stuff, Chris. I like that the Yankees have devoted a bit of extra attention recently to restocking the position players in the minors, for after the Jackson trade it’s pretty much Montero and Romine among people closest to the majors. They especially need to groom some bats and defenders.

    Miley has been nothing short of outstanding. It would be shocking if they didn’t lose him in a year or two to a major-league club.

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