Park Arrives Tomorrow, Who Goes? You Vote

According to Joel Sherman of the NY Post, pitcher Chan Ho Park, who recently signed a one-year deal with the Yankees, is set to take his physical today and could report to camp as early as tomorrow.

Once the deal is official, the Yankees will have to make room for him on the 40-man roster, which is full. To do that they will have to designate somebody for assignment which means he’ll have to pass through waivers or be traded within 10 days. The two players most likely to be released are righties Edwar Ramirez and Jonathan Albaladejo.

Ramirez, 29 by April, has fallen out of favor in the Bronx lately. He came up in 2007, had a strong year in 2008 making 55 appearances with a 114 ERA+, but he was demoted early in 2009, May 18, and only pitched in 20 games all year with an ERA+ of just 75. His best, a changeup, is a very good pitch, but his fastball is so bad that he sometimes falls into funks where he can’t get anybody out.

Albaladejo, 27, hasn’t had much success so far in his short career, a 112 ERA+ in 13.2 innings in 2008 and a 82 ERA+ in 34.1 innings in 2009,  which has never really gotten rolling thanks to multiple injuries he’s suffered. He’s still an option for the bullpen in 2010, but only if there are injuries. Even then he would be a couple of bad outings away from being demoted.

I had just assumed that Ramirez would be the one to get DFA’d because he really only had a brief time when he was able to get people out and has since seemed to have lost it. Albaladejo hasn’t ever really been that strong, but at least has been more consistent. He’s also shown up to camp 30 pounds lighter and that could leave the Yankees with doubt about releasing him.

But Sherman seems to think it’s going to be Albaladejo because he thinks the Yankees will keep Ramirez due to his changeup. I’m not sold on that idea, but Sherman has been covering the Yankees for such a long time he may have some insight as to how exactly the team feels about their young relievers.

Where do you stand? I want to know so I’m going to open up to you. Who would you rather see the Yankees release? Vote and then let us hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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3 Responses to Park Arrives Tomorrow, Who Goes? You Vote

  1. Jeffrey says:

    You may remember that Edwar had a sore shoulder last year in training camp and said that it had been bothering him from the year before. This injury seems to have coincided with his ineffectiveness.

    I don't know what kind of shape his shoulder is in, but if he has continuing shoulder problems they should just let him go even if Albaladejo has been unimpressive (and somehow I doubt that losing 30 pounds is going to make him any better – spring training is so full of these best shape of his life stories).

    If, instead, he is healthy he probably has much more upside than Albaladejo.

  2. Albaladejo would be my choice.

  3. I'd DFA Edwar, although I'm not convinced that either stick with the team–and organization–throughout this year. Albaladejo too has been injured, but he has the benefit of throwing harder and getting more ground balls than Edwar, whose change is dynamite but whose fastball isn't. Edwar had the better, longer stint in the majors, going his first 14 2/3 IP of 2008 without allowing a run, then another 11 1/3 later that year without allowing a hit. But when batters guess right on him, he gets crushed.

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