Posada Compares C.C. to former Yankee Wells

CC Sabathia @ Spring Training 2010

Every Yankee fan remembers David Wells. Whether it’s his perfect game, the day he wore Babe Ruth’s hat out to the mound or his infamous book where he described pitching the previously mentioned perfect game hungover. The fact is, David Wells isn’t someone you simply forget.

One year into his Yankee career, C.C. Sabathia would like to be someone who we never forget. He wants to an integral part of a New Yankee dynasty.

What do C.C. and Wells have in common? Let’s see…they’re both large men (some would use a different word other than large). In a New York Post article, Yankees catcher Jorge Posada recently compared C.C. to the former Yankee lefty for another reason.

“He could pitch for 50 more years,” Posada said of the 29-year-old ace. “He has an arm like David Wells.”

Source: NY Post

Posada makes a great comparison here. Wells was one of those players who excelled at staying injury free. Yankee fans would like to be able to say the same thing about C.C. Sabathia when his tenure in the Bronx comes to the end. So far in C.C.’s career, he can be proud of that fact. His endurance was one of the key reasons Brian Cashman wanted to bring the lefty to New York. There was a lot of concern with Sabathia when he was initially brought up as a possibility, simply because of the amount of innings he had pitched the year prior with the Brewers.

There’s one major difference for me between Wells and Sabathia, however, and that’s part of their personality. While it’s clear both are BIG personalities, Wells sometimes was over the top. Sabathia, on the other hand, knows where to draw the line. It’s not to say that Wells didn’t fit in New York but perhaps it just makes it clear how much better a fit Sabathia is. After a season where the Yankees passed up Johan Santana because they wanted to hold on to arms like Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, and Joba Chamberlain, it’s fair to say many fans are happy with the way things ultimately ended.

“I want to take the ball at every opportunity,” said Sabathia

I have no problem with that. Do you? What do you think of the Wells/Sabathia comparison?

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