Eric Hinske is Street

That’s street, son!

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Rob Abruzzese created Bronx Baseball Daily in 2008 just before graduating from Brooklyn College. He currently serves BBD as its editor and works as a reporter at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Follow Rob on Twitter @RobAbruzzese.
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8 Responses to Eric Hinske is Street

  1. Mike S. says:

    To me? Disgusting.

  2. C'mon, Mike! You don't want a shirt like that? 🙂

  3. smurfy says:

    Well, I definitely wouldn't tuck it in my underpants.

  4. Lisa says:

    Is he wearing bootleg Banana Republic? It looks like it says Banana Fana Republic!

  5. smurfy says:

    It costs extra, so it's extra cool, baby.

  6. smurfy says:

    Oh yeah, I played for the Yankees, extra cool, babio

  7. smurfy says:

    And I'm sure he is, no really. I met a fella once said he had been in the minors, and I said, oh gosh, really? What was it like?

    He musta seen the light in my eyes, because he needed to get something. Awhh.

    I know it's pathetic. I had my chances.

  8. resmrblondedog says:

    I was not aware Eric Hinske was in the Yakuza.

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