Super Bowl XLIV: Yankee Rooting Guide

So today’s the big game: Super Bowl XLIV, Colts versus Saints.  There is no New York team involved, nor is there a rival of New York involved.

So who’s a Yankee-fan to root for?

The Case for the Indianapolis Colts

– The Colts have become the Patriots primary rival, much like the Yankees are to the Red Sox and Lakers are to the Celtics.  If the Lakers, Yankees, and Colts all win consecutive titles, this will certainly cause a lot of depression and angst in Beantown, and that’s a good thing for any Yankees fan.  Not to mention, Boston’s three most hated athletes are quite possibly Peyton Manning, Alex Rodriguez, and Kobe Bryant.  All three could have led their respective teams to a championship this year.

– In Peyton Manning, we could be watching the greatest QB ever cement his legacy as such.

– Peyton cheered on brother Eli and the Giants back in super bowl XLII.  Tonight might be time for New York fans to return the favor.

The Case for the New Orleans Saints

– It’s easy to root for the city of New Orleans.  After what Hurricane Katrina did to the city, a Super Bowl victory could symbolize an important step in the city’s recovery.

– The Saints, until recent years, were one of the NFL’s perennial losers.  They have the underdog status going for them.  Wait, what am I talking about?  When do Yankee fans want to root for underdogs?

– The Colts may have Peyton, but Drew Brees is his own underdog story: a guy who no one thought could be an effective NFL QB now being one of the league’s best.  Though, again, do Yankee fans want to root for the underdog?  Also, do they really want to root for a team that has Jeremy Shockey?

Verdict: So Yankee fans are probably rooting for the Colts, but wouldn’t be crushed to see New Orleans pull it out.  Either way, here’s hoping for an exciting game.

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7 Responses to Super Bowl XLIV: Yankee Rooting Guide

  1. Great article. I'm all for making Boston miserable. I'm not a big football fan though so I'm just hoping for a game that isn't boring.

  2. eddieperez23 says:

    Plus, with another ring Manning in most eyes will pass Brady in the pantheon of great QBs, another punch in the gut to Boston fans and another reason to root for the Colts.

  3. Mark says:

    Peyton all the way!! The guy has been so good for so long that he deserves this success as much as anyone!!!! Go Colts!!!!

  4. Dan Reiner says:

    My Reasons for rooting for the Saints:

    – Drew Brees led my fantasy football team the past two seasons to the championship and the third place game, and I love watching him play.

    – I'm a Giants fan, and since the Saints are representing the NFC, it makes more sense to me.

    – Saints fans deserve this win

  5. resmrblondedog says:

    They're called the Ain'ts for a reason.

  6. She-Fan says:

    I wish I'd read this before the game! But I was rooting for the Saints because New Orleans needed the lift. Glad they won.

  7. Stephen Crociata says:

    As a Giants fan I just want to say idc if Peyton was God him and Eli still have the same number of Super Bowl rings! <<<which is why i was going for the Saints lol

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