5th Starter Role "All But Settled" on Phil Hughes

The Yankees have yet to make an official announcement, but according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post, in the next couple of days they will announce that the winner of the position will be Phil Hughes.

There are still meetings this week, still final statements that could be offered, still an injury that can change minds and needs. But this was a competition in the faintest of ways. As I reported in early February, the Yankees brass was going to enter spring privately viewing Hughes as the clear fifth starter frontrunner.

The reality is that no one else could win the job. Hughes could only lose it. And strangely, he sealed the win Monday when, of all things, he lost by surrendering three homers, including a walk-off shot by Philadelphia’s Wilson Valdez.

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4 Responses to 5th Starter Role "All But Settled" on Phil Hughes

  1. Captain Chaos says:

    This is not bad news at all, Hughes has in the past dominated some pretty potent lineups, Texas comes to mind. If he has a full arsenal of pitches which he is confident I truly think that we have a solid #3 and a Nasty Rotation. Just as important with Chamberlin added to the bullpen they have a Nasty bullpen as well and will be very tough from top to bottom. If the Offense works out at least equal to last year this team will be estremely tough.

  2. The same could be said about Joba though. He's dominated lineups, K'd 12 Red Sox in 5.2 innings and was hot when they pulled him out of the game. I'd say his arsenal of pitches is even deeper with better confidence in his secondary pitches. He'll probably be a solid #3. And Hughes would have been an important part of a nasty bullpen.

  3. Basil Fomeen says:

    He’s put a lot of work into the changeup especially this spring, but another year in the bullpen could have cost him the pitch altogether.

    This statement is so true… that's why, IMO, if Joba was/is named the starter then Hughes has to go to AAA to keep honing his skills as a starter… this, of course, will never happen. But he is just 23 and with a good change-up he can be an elite starter in MLB.

  4. smurfy says:

    I always wanted to see Hughes get a crack. Sure wish I had tried your paragraphs 2&3, Rob, but the audience wasn't there.

    Joba needed to build a better approach, and I hope they use him for longer stints, with nobody on base, so he can use all his pitches. He could do that , you know, from the bullpen. Bring him into pressure situations sometimes, if that's working, use him for the 8th in big series. But he should be able to work on pitches against major leaguers.

    I'm excited for Phil, and Joba, too.

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