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The Yankees jumped out to a 7-0 lead in today’s game before rain ended things. Damaso Marte got the start, that’s right, and Mariano Rivera pitched the second inning. Andy Pettitte, who has only pitched in one official spring training game thanks to rain, had his outing cut short after pitching just one inning. He then went indoors and pitched a simulated game stopping at 100 pitches.

So besides the rain and the Alan Horne news, there isn’t a lot going on right now so I thought I’d show off some of the better posts from around the Yankees blogosphere:

  • Fack Youk had a good article highlighting the Yankees bench and their flexibility. I’ve heard some people already starting to complain about the Yankees bench, but aside from the great bench they had last season this is one of the best they’ve had since the Torre dynasty was in full force.
  • It’s About the Money had a great article talking about Bill James and MLB’s need for teams to have economic incentives to win. Otherwise teams like the Marlins and Pirates are going to continue to sit back and collect money instead of trying to win.
  • NoMaas ran a poll about what their readers would do concerning Joba Chamberlain‘s future. So far 43 percent of their readers would send him to the minors as a starter, 38 percent would use him in the pen and spot start him as often as possible, and just 19 percent want him permanently in the bullpen.
  • The Yankee U had a good comparison and contrast article concerning a decision the Yankees are going to have to make a little less than a year from now – Jayson Werth or Carl Crawford?
  • NYY Stadium Insider has the sad story about the demolition of Gate 2. Talk about being short sighted. New York City does have a long history of caring more for it’s own bottom line than the citizens of its city. What a shame.
  • Pending Pinstripes has a good profile of Yankees right handed prospect Zach McAllister. If everything goes well he will not pitch in the Bronx this summer, but if he has to I’ll be excited to see him pitch.
  • River Ave Blues ran another one of their “The Stats We Use” pieces. If you are not familiar with them you should start with this article and then go back and read their archives. I’ve read them all and I think I’m a smarter fan/writer because of them.

Looking at this list and my earlier article with newspaper links, I have to say that the Yankee blogs should be an indispensable source for your Yankee news. The newspapers do a good job reporting, breaking news items, and gathering quotes, but as far as their analysis and opinions are concerned – they are severely lacking.

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