Chad Gaudin Free to Regrow Facial Hair with A's 6

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, Chad Gaudin, who was released by the Yankees last Thursday, has signed with the Oakland Athletics and will join the team’s bullpen.

Gaudin was set to make $2.95 million this season with the Yankees, but his contract was non-guaranteed. Since he didn’t pitch well this spring and has already dealt with fatigue issues, they decided it was best to cut him so they would only have to pay 25 percent of his salary or $737,500.

There is no word yet as to how much exactly the Athletics are going to pay Gaudin this season, but it is likely a very small amount, probably less than $1 million. There is also nothing on the length of the deal, but it’s probably just a one-year deal although he would still be under the team’s control after the season and arbitration eligible.

Before joining the Yankees Gaudin had some of the worst facial hair in all of baseball. He was forced to shave while with the Yankees because of their nothing-below-the-lip policy. Now that he’s with the A’s it’s possible he grows that awful thing back.

Update: Ross is right, I didn’t backup my headline with the proper pictures, so here we go:

The not so bad:

The bad:

The worst:

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6 thoughts on “Chad Gaudin Free to Regrow Facial Hair with A's

  • Lefty

    If things go sour with the A's, he could always paint parking lot divider lines with his chin.

  • smurfy

    Man, nobody likes the ZZ Top look. You probably don't even like hillbillies, either.

    Sean Sullivan, a reliever for the Angels has a prize-winning red beard. He looks like Hoss, when he was mad. Intimidating fire-breather until he throws the ball. He's gotta go back down to AAA, trim it back to a marker, and earn his fire, then he could wear that thing.

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