Gaudin Feeling Extra Fatigued

The spring is still early, which makes the news that Chad Gaudin was feeling extra fatigued during his last start all the more disheartening. According to Mark Feinsand, Gaudin was extremely tired before, during and after yesterdays outing against the Tigers:

Gaudin, who started against the Tigers, grinded his way through three innings, giving up three runs in the second. After his departure, Gaudin said that he felt “body tired” thanks to the team’s grueling spring conditioning regimen, trying to account for his uneven outing.

“I had to try to create and do more, because I didn’t have it,” Gaudin said. “My legs weren’t under me and my arm didn’t have that whip, so it was one of those days when you don’t have anything and you still have to pitch with it.

Gaudin plans to speak with Joe Girardi and Dave Eiland to address the situation, which the pitcher attributes to the stark increase in running and weight work from any other camp he’s been a part of.

“My legs are fatigued and it shouldn’t be like that,” Gaudin said. “I’m going pretty hard, which is different. I’m going to have to find a medium if I can’t keep my legs underneath me. ” (source)

You have to applaud the fact that he continued to pitch despite feeling so exhausted, but I find it curious that the workouts don’t seem to be making any of the other pitchers feel as fatigued. You also have to wonder how the conditioning-crazy Girardi will embrace a lighter workout for the right-hander. Regardless, keep an eye on Gaudin’s next appearance. Depending on how things go, Sergio Mitre could quickly pass Gaudin in the race for the final spot in the rotation and Gaudin could find himself fighting for a spot in the bullpen.

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2 Responses to Gaudin Feeling Extra Fatigued

  1. Peter Menking says:

    Maybe it is because Gaudin found he actually had to do some work during the offseason to prepare for playing for the Yanks. I don't mean to be cynical but come on, if he is tired after spring training workouts as a pitcher what does that say about the kind of shape he is in? I understand Girardi wants everyone to be fit, but you don't hear about anyone else struggling so why is it affecting Gaudin so much?

    He should probably go to a doctor because he might have be sick or have mono or something. I just can't see a professional player being so dead tired from workouts in spring training for reasons beyond the fact that he is sick or out of shape when all the other pitchers are doing just fine.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    When you just flat out suck, you need excuses for poor performances to try to hang on to a multi-million dollar job. Spring training doesn't matter except when you are competing for a spot on a major league roster, then you had better show the goods.

    I cannot believe the amount of ink wasted in writing about Gaudin's chances of beating out Joba or Hughes for the 5th starter's spot. It is equally absurd to think that he could beat out Aceves for a middle relief spot.

    As soon as the Yankees feel comfortable that they have some pitching depth, that everyone is healthy enough, he and Mitre will be on an express train out of New York. No way they are going to pay $3m to this guy.

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