Hit and Run: Joba, The Philosophy, Thames, and Feds

Now that the Yankees roster is pretty much set and the season still doesn’t start for at least a week it’s going to be a long, slow week. Here is some news:

  • Since Joba Chamberlain was pushed out of the Yankees rotation some people, myself included, have said that the “Joba Rules” were for nothing. I think it’s too early to tell if they were a complete waste (it won’t be as long as he’s in the 2011 rotation), but Joe Girardi is not among those who have said the rules were for nothing. “I don’t think it’s wasted,” Girardi said.
  • Joel Sherman thinks that the Philosophy, the Phil Hughes version of the Joba Rules, will be relaxed. He expects Hughes to pitch about 175 innings and said the Yankees could easily do what the Tigers did with Rick Porcello.
  • The Yankees sent Jamie Hoffmann back to the Dodgers, but the Yankees might regret that since Marcus Thames is currently hitting .094. Spring training stats don’t mean much, but that’s awful and this guy wasn’t exactly Joe Mauer to start with.
  • Today is the day that Alex Rodriguez goes to talk with federal investigators regarding Dr. Antony Galea. He should be back by tomorrow.

Thoughts: Maybe the “Joba Rules” were for nothing, maybe they were important. We do know that the Yankees won the World Series and that Joba had no major injuries along the way. Only the future will tell if they were actually a smart move or a waste of time though. If he and Hughes are both in the 2011 rotation with no restrictions at all then they were probably for the best.

If Hughes is allowed to go 175 innings than the Yankees could easily manage that in a better way than they did with Joba last season. They’re not just going to be skipping him every chance they get though as they’ll probably like to give the veterans a rest every now and then as well.

As far as Marcus Thames goes, spring training stats don’t mean much. The Yankees know that and that’s why they let Hoffmann go. This could be an early sign that his bat is not as good as it was, but most likely it’s just a bad spring.

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