Hit and Run: Sabathia, Romine and McAllister, and Jesus

Here are some news and stories of note from yesterday:

The Yankees offense hasn’t been pretty so far this spring, but remember spring training stats don’t mean much. Besides, all the starters have been out of the games by the 6th inning anyways and the starters are only pitching two innings. Speaking of starters, CC Sabathia managed to throw two shutout innings but they were not pretty, allowing two baserunners each inning. He said he has stuff to work on, but he’s not worried.

Nick Johnson said that if this were the regular season he would have played, but since it’s early he came out of the lineup. Apparently he wasn’t wearing turf shoes in the batting cage and tweaked his bat because of it. At least that was his excuse. He’s expected to be fine.

Good to hear Romine and McAllister won awards, but it doesn’t mean much. They’ll start in double-A and triple-A respectively and both could play large roles as soon as next year. After Montero they’re probably two of the players I’ve wanted to watch this spring. Eduardo Nunez is becoming another one.

Also, one thing to note about Montero, he really wants to catch and he seems very dedicated to improving himself.

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2 Responses to Hit and Run: Sabathia, Romine and McAllister, and Jesus

  1. Mike S. says:

    Love how when Montero is being interviewed, all of a sudden Yogi enters the picture.

    Of course, I don't love Igawa entering it…. 😉

  2. Lefty says:

    Ahhhhh! The Yog and his front lawn of potatoes. TGOD.

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