Minor League Monday: March 1st, 2010

Welcome to another edition of Minor League Monday. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the player previews we’ve put out so far and are looking forward to more previews soon to come. Before we get into this week’s highlighted articles, let’s take a look at the Yankees Minor League transactions for the week.

Minor League Moves (via Baseball America)

Yankees Signed: RHP Dustin Moseley, RHP John Van Benschoten

Analysis: Don’t expect either player to impact the Bronx Bombers in 2010. Van Benschoten has seen time at the Major League level. Needless to say, he didn’t find much success there. Still, to add potential depth to the Yankees system isn’t a bad idea.  Mosely features a fastball in the upper 80’s, as well as a curveball (low 80’s) and change-up (upper 70’s). He threw a slider 3.1 percent of his time in 2009, so he might continue to work on it this season. We’ll have to wait and see. Both players are likely to spend their time in Triple-A based on previous experience, at least by the end of the year.

Minor League Headlines

Fangraphs analyzes Edwar Ramirez

Fangraphs.com recently took a look at the recently designated for assignment Yankees pitcher. The Yankees organization recently made it clear that they are hoping to keep Ramirez. Fangraphs took a look if the Yankees should be concerned, if he’s really worth hoping for.

Like fangraphs, I don’t see a reason why Ramirez wouldn’t get picked up by another team. Fangraphs points out a few reasons for this, the biggest being his strikeout ratio. It goes south from there. His strikeout ratio has gone down (13.29 in 07′ and 9.0 in 09′), his walk rate has gone up and his given up more homeruns than years past. Ultimately, 2009 wasn’t a good year for Edwar Ramirez when you break the numbers down.

Will 2010 be different? What team is going to take a shot at Ramirez? As I said, I personally would like to see him stay a Yankee, but that’s out of the organization’s hands at this point.

Read Fangraphs detailed thoughts here.

Living the Family Life: Former Yankees style

There’s no hiding the Pittsburg Pirates have a few former Yankees in their organization. Now, they’re living together…at least four of them. It turns out Daniel McCutchen, Steven Jackson, Ross Ohlendorf, and Anthony Claggett are leaving the family life. Keep in mind, a few of these players are married men, so this isn’t a party house. Turns out, it’s a house with a singing competition. American Idol happens to be a big part of house life for the four teammates.

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Colorado Springs Sky Sox to Honor Gossage

Baseball games will begin in Florida and Arizona in just days, but in the midst of the summer pennant race, Goose Gossage will be honored as a hometown hero. On August 7th, the Sky Sox will provide Gossage and their fans with a Hall of Fame celebration. Festivities will include a give-away of a Goose Gossage figurine to the first 1,500 fans entering the park. Gossage will also be there to throw out the first pitch. ‘

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Jennings 5 Questions: Recently, Chad Jennings at the LoHud Blog has been taking the time to ask five questions of some younger players in the Yankees organization during his time at Spring Training. Here are some players he’s already spoken with.

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  1. Apparently Ohlendorf is starting on Wednesday. I can see it starting a debate during Wednesday's live chat.

  2. Chris Barrows says:

    Should be interesting. Ohlendorf was always interesting in Scranton. Unfortunately, he was injured much of the season when I was hoping to see him really pitch.

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