MLB 2k10 Review

The much-anticipated MLB 2k10 by 2k Sports was released today. So, I’ve spent the past few hours toying around with the features of the game and whatnot.

Franchise Mode, Yankees:

It’s quite obvious that the Yankees would have far-and-away the highest ratings for all 30 teams. (90 pitching, 95 batting, 97 overall). The Red Sox have the second-highest rating with a 96, Phillies a 91. The MLB Yanks player ratings look like this:

Batters: Rodriguez: 95, Teixiera: 92, Jeter: 91, Granderson: 87, Cano: 87, Posada: 84, Johnson: 84, Swisher: 82, Gardner: 78, Winn: 78, Thames: 78, Pena: 75, Cervelli: 70

Pitchers: Sabathia: 94, Rivera: 94, Vazquez: 88, Burnett: 84, Pettitte: 81, Aceves: 77, Hughes: 77, Chamberlain: 76, Park: 70, Robertson: 69, Marte: 68, Melancon: 63

Alex Rodriguez is an ANIMAL in this game, as long as you can hit with the power stick, he should have a very large number in the HR category. Franchise mode actually gives you a budget, but it’s hard to go over it. It has a full scouting report of all teams, and the trade feature now offers a “trade finder” or trade block. Also, DROP NICK JOHNSON; everyone I know that has played with him knows he is the worst hitter, by far. He’s good trade bate, I got Nelson Cruz for him in my franchise.

Like MLB The Show, many key minor league players are not on the minor league rosters in the game. Here’s the actual player ratings..

Batters: Mike Rivera: 69, Juan Miranda: 68, Greg Golson: 68, Jamie Hoffmann: 67, Reid Gorecki: 67 (Note** all 3 outfielders here are listed as CF, so make sure you make adjustments or else they won’t play). (Note Again** NO JESUS MONTERO. I found this pretty lame, but there’s also no Stephen Strasburg. We’ll probably see the big rookie/minor league names added to the game later on in the season).

Pitchers: Chad Gaudin: 71, Sergio Mitre: 70, Dustin Moseley: 66, Edwar Ramirez: 62, Jonathan Albaladejo: 62, Boone Logan: 61, Zach Segovia: 61 (The reason why Gaudin and Mitre are in AAA is because the game bases the pitching staffs on 5 starters and 7-8 relievers).

My Player Mode:

In my one day of playing, I must say that after being an MLB The Show man (Playstation) all my life, I like this mode better than Road to the Show. Although I find many similarities, such as earning points to improve skills and moving through the farm system among them, they are also very different.

  • My Player has pitching sessions during the week to give you points
  • The point values in My Player are much higher than RTTS, but also require more to be spent to increase skill
  • In My Player, your agent talks to you after a game to tell you what you need to work on.
  • Simming is MUCH faster
  • The player creation is My Player is much more vast and detailed compared to RTTS
  • Of the many main screen options in My Player, you can see what you must accomplish to be called up to the next level for your team
  • There’s more obviously, so you’ll have to buy the game to find out what it is.

Game Soundtrack:

•Black Crowes “Go Faster”

•Black Keys “Your Touch”

•Black Sheep “The Choice is Yours”

•Boss Martians “Hey Hey Yeah Yeah”

•Cage the Elephant “Judas”

•Daughtry “Every Time You Turn Around”

•Hotel St. George “It’s the Blues”

•Iggy Pop “Lust for Life”

•Jet “Start the Show”

•LCD Soundsystem “Time to Get Away”

•Pearl Jam “The Fixer”

•Phoenix “Lisztomania”

•Ryan Adams “Magick”

•Social Distortion “Bad Luck”

•Tantric “Down and Out”

•The Sugarhill Gang “Rappers Delight”

OVERALL GAME RATING: A+, the graphics are amazing, the player stances are incredibly realistic, there are classic jersey choices, a greatest team quick play option. Games aren’t easy but aren’t impossible. And with MLB Today on XBOX Live, it gives you all the day’s games and news. THE ONLY WARNING I HAVE is that the default setting is joystick hitting and pitching. otherwise, buy it!

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9 Responses to MLB 2k10 Review

  1. Sounds cool. I have an X-Box 360, no PS3, but I've never bought any of the MLB 2K games. I've stuck with The Show and my ps2. This year I think I might buy the 2K game. It seems promising. Have you noticed any of the defensive bugs that people had problems with last year?

  2. Dan Reiner says:

    Yeah, I've always stuck to The Show on my PS2 also. I really didn't notice any huge defensive bugs in the game in my whole 8 hours of nonstop playing. However, I didn't like how many diving plays the opposing team can make on you in one game and how tough it is to make one on them. The pitching is MUCH tougher and it forces you to be much more precise than last year's with the stick. The commentary this year is very good too, I think. I think it's worth at least giving it a shot this year, and if you don't like it, go back to The Show in '11.

  3. Alex H says:

    I myself bought MLB 2k10 today, and i think it's great. I played one game as the Yankees against the Twins just messing around and i threw a 1 hit complete game shutout with CC Sabathia. Right after i tried the My Player mode and i was hooked… the only problem i had was that every time i wanted to simulate through games, my agent would force me to play in a key game against an MVP cantidate… otherwise, it's a great game.

    I also really wanted to try the 1,000,000 dollar challenge, but when i read the rules, and how rediculous they were… i just gave up.

  4. Dan Reiner says:

    Yes, Sabathia is amazing in the game. Javy Vazquez probably has the most nasty 2-seam in the game. I don't sim over my player's games so I wouldn't know. And as soon as I found out that you need to RECORD your perfect game, I knew I had no shot

  5. Chris Barrows says:

    Good to hear XBox 360 owners are getting a better game this year. I happen to have all three of the latest systems, so naturally, I opted for MLB The Show (that review coming later this week since both Dan and myself will have it), but did have 2K7.

    Not sure if 2K does the same thing as The Show, but I know that unless they've played in a Major League Game, MLB The Show does NOT put a player in the game. Not sure if it's a legal thing or not, but I just know that's how it works.

  6. Dan Reiner says:

    I'm really not sure either, I play all my games for My Player. And I agree, if I had both PS3 and 360, I would probably go with The Show, but 2k is damn good this year. I'll let you know if I'm quick to find any flaws.

  7. Do they need to have played or just be on the 40-man roster? I know they have to be in the players association before they can be in a game. Is Reegie Corona in either of the games? That will answer your question.

  8. Pelham Bay says:

    Never heard of the Yankees, must be Zoo Yorks other team…

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