New Arod Story a Headline? Hardly.

Alex Rodriguez has been summoned to speak to federal investigators about Dr. Anthony Galea, a Canadian doctor who is being charged with numerous crimes after his assistant, Mary Anne Catalano, was caught crossing the border with HGH. Any story with Arod in the headline will garner significant attention but this story is of little importance to Yankee Fans. Compared to last Spring Training, this latest revelation is about as important as your grade school GPA. But, as with any story involving Mr. Rodriguez and performance enhancing drugs, the press has latched onto it and it has been circulating around different sports websites and the Associated Press for a few weeks now.

The article containing Galea’s statements would have you believe that the police planted evidence on Catalano. Whether or not he is telling the truth or simple trying to cover his own *ahem* caboose remains to be seen. At the bottom of the article he appears to believe that he is being targeted by the American healthcare system in order to discredit Canada’s Universal Healthcare program. Again, whether or not he is just attempting to gain public support and cover his behind remains to be seen.

Last year during spring training, Arod was alone on stage at a press conference, crying as he became the latest and possibly the biggest superstar in baseball to admit he used PED’s. The media frenzy was overwhelming, but for good reason. In this story he headlines a list of names that federal investigators want to meet with so he is not alone. He also does not have to give a press conference or address this situation in the public domain at all. This year he is fit, healthy, and most importantly he appears to be happy. This story’s connection to Rodriguez is not even important, and that is the beauty of it.

My point is that if this is the biggest story involving Alex Rodriguez, then Yankee fans can breathe a sigh of relief. This story will not hurt the team in anyway and it probably will not affect Rodriguez’s play either.  It will be mentioned sporadically throughout spring training but when the regular season begins, this headline will be washed away as the Yankees drive for another World Series Championship. Maybe the Red Sox fans will be able to come up with some new nicknames for him like they did last season; they really seemed to hurt his performance.

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