Pictures of old Yankee Stadium Demolition

The process of tearing down the old Yankee Stadium has certainly been a slow one. This afternoon we provide you with some pictures of their recent progress via WCBS880’s Tom Kaminski.

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3 Responses to Pictures of old Yankee Stadium Demolition

  1. stevefromct says:

    Sad…so sad.
    As Bob Hope would say: "Thanks for the memories.."

  2. Ed Fadero says:

    Why doesn't a second crane start at home plate and work toward right field? This would cut the demolition of the upper deck itime n half without adding any 'man hours' to the job.

  3. Steve Markovich says:

    Someone once there are 3 places on earth you must see before you die, the roman coliseum, statue of liberty, and YANKEE STADIUM

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