Practice Some St. Patrick's Day Intelligence or Forever Be Linked to Chuck Knoblauch

This throw is going 15 feet to the right of first base.

To everyone who is already celebrating St. Patty’s day, including Rob who is by now dangerously encroaching on the third stage of drink (Shakespeare reference for drunken stupor; we at the BBD like to keep it classy), please celebrate responsibly.

As long as you celebrate with a certain amount of responsibility you will be able to avoid any unpleasant incidents and can drink the night away without worrying about an impending court date or wondering why the other guys in the holding cell are staring at you. Case and point, this story about Chuck Knoblauch pleading guilty to hitting his common-law wife in the face. The best commentary on the particulars of this story can be found here. Now, I was perplexed because to be honest I thought that the idea of a common-law wife was one of those institutions that was long forgotten by the public. Apparently not in Texas. Honestly, I don’t know what to make of this other than that it is further proof that Texas is really its own country that just happens to use US currency. In any case, and this should go without saying to any Yankee’s fan who suffered through countless errors on short throws from second base during the late 90’s, don’t be like Chuck Knoblauch. Happy St. Patrick’s day!

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